Connect Health provides transformation expertise to NHS partners

Connect Health provides transformation expertise to NHS partners

Infrastructure + Change Methodology = Sustainable Transformation

As an accredited supplier on the national NHS England Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF), Connect Health is a leading NHS community healthcare provider with a proven transformation and mobilisation model.

Our innovative services and infrastructure:

  • minimise waste;
  • achieve 30% service efficiency across transformed clinical services;
  • reduce waiting times;
  • achieve better outcomes;
  • relieve increasing pressures on primary and secondary care.


Connect Health Change Webinars

Being seen in the right place, at the right time, by the right clinician

Connect Health’s services are wholly designed to focus on the patient experience and what really makes a difference to them.

Commissioning Frameworks

Health Systems Support Framework

Connect Health is an accredited supplier on the national NHS England Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF) offering services in the categories “Patient Empowerment and Activation” and “Transformation and Change”.

Scope of the HSSF

The HSSF has been structured around three areas as follows, which Connect Health offering services under the third category:

  • Infrastructure: encompassing EPR and place-based digitalisation; health information exchange and interoperability hubs; and primary care IT support and cyber security;
  • Intelligence: population health analytics and digital tools for system modelling, actuarial assessment, planning, research, risk stratification and impactability, decision support and surveys;
  • Impact and Intervention: transformation and change; patient empowerment and activation; and system optimisation (including demand management and capacity planning, system assurance and medicines management).

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Outsourced Clinical Services framework


Connect Health is an accredited supplier on the Outsourced Clinical Services framework, developed by NHS Shared Business Services.

It provides an OJEU compliant route to market for approved organisations to procure quality, value for money clinical services. The services offered by Connect Health under the framework include orthopaedics (triage and waiting list reduction), pain management, physiotherapy, MSK, rheumatology and Mental Health services across the UK.

The Outsourced Clinical Services framework offers the NHS the following benefits:

  • Ability to Purchase Additional Clinical Capacity– allowing patients to be seen and treated within compliant time frames
  • Waiting List Reduction – enabling waiting lists to be reduced by allowing patients to be seen and treated by an alternative provider
  • Wide range of Providers, Specialities and Services
  • Supplier Flexibility – allowing freedom and flexibility to choose the suppliers they wish and Direct Award within the remit of the Agreement
  • OJEU Avoidance – A detailed procurement exercise has taken place, saving valuable time and money in the procurement process
  • Agile Framework – The appointed suppliers will be able to bring forward new products and services throughout the life of the agreement

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Hertfordshire Talking Therapies Counselling Service framework

Connect Health is delighted to be part of the Hertfordshire Talking Therapies – formerly known as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) – Counselling Service Framework. Working in partnership with other Talking Therapies providers, Connect Health delivers free Talking Therapies compliant counselling for adults and young people aged sixteen and over living in Hertfordshire with common mental health problems.

From early May 2021 our team of specially trained counsellors will be offering timely appointments for counselling. The service will initially be offered via remote sessions, and as COVID restrictions are relaxed, there will be access to face to face and group sessions at a range of accessible locations throughout Hertfordshire.

Referrals and appointments can be arranged though GPs and Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) IAPT Service.

Further information including contact details and how to make a referral will be published ahead of the service going live.

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What our patients say about us

Karen explains how the Pain Management Programme has equipped her with the necessary learning to manage the pain and continue living her best life.

We speak with Sharon around her experience being part of the Pain Management Programme currently supporting those living with persistent pain across Wolverhampton.

Monica had a hip replacement 3 months ago and within 6 weeks, returned her walking sticks.

“I really enjoy coming to the gym. I can really feel the difference. The physios keep me straight and give me the confidence to go on.” Monica, Merton

We hear from Diana who suffers from chronic pain and has attended the Connect Health Pain Management Programme in Wolverhampton.

Kelly, from Hertfordshire, was suffering from depression and anxiety when she came to Connect Health. Her counsellor was able to help her to find her way.

Geraldine Vinall, 75 from Milton Keynes, explains how living with back and neck pain all her adult life has been transformed by attending the Connect Health group exercise classes at her local gym.

Tina, 47, was suffering from PTSD, depression, low self worth and feelings of a loss of identity alongside ME. But with the help of her counsellor she was able to talk, be listened to and was offered tips and advice

Petra Jahn, 63 from Milton Keynes tells us, after 5 operations on her hip and being off-work for 4 years, how her health is gradually improving through group exercise classes.

Sylvie, 46, from Lincolnshire tells how Connect Health’s Pain Management Programme (PMP) has helped her enjoy life again.

PhysioNow detected a possible significant condition at the end of normal working hours, enabling Joe to receive quicker access to clinical advice and urgent investigations.

Jacky received her diagnosis just 12 days after completing her initial assessment thanks to PhysioNow®.

Retired medical secretary, Barbara, explains how a niggling back pain flare up was solved with physiotherapy advice, without having to leave her home.

Terry Fisher, 67 from Darlington, tells us about his journey, from being in a coma and unable to walk to being back on the golf course with help from Connect Health and the Healthy Darlington Programme