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Reaching new heights – Connect Health launches the Academy

Connect Health Academy website

Connect Health Academy

Reaching new heights – Connect Health launches the Academy

Connect Health Academy website

Connect Health launches new education arm; the Academy; the vehicle that will place the organisation as a leader in the delivery of postgraduate education and continued professional development (CPD) in the healthcare industry.


Driving the highest standards of clinical and operational excellence

Health Education England’s advanced practice framework[1] has added the imperative for increased governance and evidence of learning. Coupled with this, Covid has forced us all to move from face to face to online teaching and our experience of virtual learning allows us to adapt and flex to market needs. Outside a Higher Education Institute (HEI), there is no organisation with the comprehensive structure we have in place, able to provide the tools required to build the body of evidence and depth of learning, meeting HEE’s new framework.

The scale of the Academy is also exceptional with 334 hours of education, 70 faculty members, 172 sessions covering 400 clinicians across 11 curriculum streams. All this results in enhanced care for the patient and improved learning opportunities for colleagues.


Ash James, National Education Lead said,

It is a real honour to be introducing the education strategy at Connect Health. I truly feel what we have developed is unique to the sector and provides colleagues the best opportunity for postgraduate development. We will lay the foundations over the next few years for a sustainable structure of internal education that will help the career development of all involved.


The Academy represents a significant change for colleagues, both in terms of learning culture and opportunity as well. Traditionally individuals of various bands would carry out in-service training together. The Academy offers the unique opportunity to be educated at the level most appropriate to the individual, based on level of competency, enabling the translation of knowledge into practice across four levels – Clinical Practice, Leadership, Research and Education.


Lisa Davidson, Chief People Officer, Connect Health added,

The level of L&D at Connect Health has always been good, but the Academy brings a national structure to education delivery to ensure we are constantly measuring the effectiveness on a national basis, linking to clinical behaviours and patient outcomes. It offers a much broader view of how education can impact the wider business. As a business, this is a positive step for recruitment and retention and aims to be multi-professional. It shows we have a great structure to our education and a clear career progression from new graduate to consultant.


Danielle Chulan, Deputy Director NHS Services said,

Our purpose is to provide services that result in outstanding patient outcomes, delivered in a cost effective and efficient way. To achieve this, you need to demonstrate clinical and operational excellence that is underpinned by evidenced based practice. The Academy and education strategy is part of the infrastructure that has been developed to directly impact on the achievement of our goals.


Steve Nawoor, Deputy Director Clinical Delivery added,

The development of the Academy has been a long-term vision that I am proud to see evolving to deliver our education strategy across Connect Health. To see our clinical, operational and support functions develop their knowledge, improve performance and their application to the role is exciting and an exceptional achievement.


John Gates, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Team Leader (Nottingham)

“The Academy will provide a vast array of topics delivered by specialist clinicians to meet specific needs of individual clinicians at appropriate clinical level.

There will be a focus on active learning and pedagogy methodology used throughout to enhance application and creation rather than rote learning and knowledge, which will lead to a new wave of critical thinkers excelling in the 4 pillars and their specialty.

My team are excited about pre-organised structured learning, including testing of knowledge and application to case studies and will undoubtedly aid evidence informed practice to deliver quality care to patients.

As a new Team Lead, the leadership and operations opportunities within the Academy will undoubtedly aid with getting the best out of my staff and being an agent for change.

The ability to access learning during the pandemic, as well as following live sessions with such an easy to use interface and catalogue of education, will be fantastic for those working flexibly.”


Laura Richardson, ADP MSK Physiotherapist, Connect Health

“I have recently completed the Graduate Development Programme with Connect Health. This provided me with a framework and the tools to become a confident autonomous practitioner. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey of lifelong learning through the Academy. This provides a clear development pathway with support and learning at every stage.”


[1] Advanced Practice Frameworks | Health Education England (


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