NHS Savings

Highly cost-efficient when compared to a traditional NHS MSK provider

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NHS Savings

Highly cost-efficient when compared to a traditional NHS MSK provider

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Raising the quality of MSK services

Nottingham West and Nottingham North & East

The MSK contract/service in NW and NNE was delivered between September 2013 and March 2016 by Nottingham University Hospital (NUH) with Connect sub-contracted to deliver the Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (CATS) element of the service only. The aim of the service to manage more people in the community alone was only partially achieved. Following the re-procurement of the contract in 2015, Connect was awarded the whole community service contract with a mandate to optimise the pathway further. This service went live on 1 April 2016 with the aims:

  • To improve the access to and service user experience of musculoskeletal services (including physiotherapy assessment)
  • Streamline into one single point of access and MSK triage
  • Deliver routine and advanced MSK services in a community setting
  • Reduce costs in secondary care

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Operational Efficiencies and Improved Patient Outcomes

Highly cost-efficient when compared to traditional NHS MSK provision

Our innovative model of care uses performance data to achieve up to 30% service efficiency across our newly mobilised contracts.

Once in service, our processes save another 20%-30% improving productivity through a host of improvements, eg by reducing DNAs (did not attend), introducing technology, streamlining appointment times to just 48 hours for first contact with a physiotherapist, etc.

All these efficiency savings translate to financial savings for the NHS as well as better services for patients. This provides better value for money for the taxpayer and releases funds for other aspects of NHS care, MSK related or otherwise.

MSK: A new approach - National Guidance for Musculoskeletal Health

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