Group Consultations

What you need to know before your Group Consultation and why a Group Consultation might be for you.

Group Consultations

What you need to know before your Group Consultation and why a Group Consultation might be for you.

Please watch the below video to learn more about what to expect within a Group Consultation:


Why a Group Consultation might be for you:

  • Would you like your physical assessment to be completed by a senior specialist clinician?
  • Would you like to have access to some of most experienced senior clinicians who have worked both in the NHS and in the private sector and be able to have them as a regular contact point?
  • Would you like a 90min consultation session so your questions can be answered thoroughly, and you can benefit from hearing the answers to other topical questions you didn’t think to ask?
  • Would you like to be seen by someone who can action investigations, injections even surgery if it is needed but who also have a strong track record of preventing the need for these with bespoke lifestyle programmes supported by the latest research?
  • Are you feeling weary, in pain and frankly overwhelmed and just want to be looked after by people who know what they are doing, will supervise you and keep you on track with what you need to do to get the best outcome?
  • Are you looking for long term health not a life of pills and pain and want to maximise your wellbeing so you can thrive not survive?

If the answer to any of the above is YES! then please do join one of our Group Consultations. These are available for lower back, knee, or shoulder pain. The first session is free time for you to quiz us on anything you want to know, have concerns about, and receive a physical examination.

Groups allow connection with people who live with or are recovering from the same condition, it builds confidence; gives hope and inspires to change your health habits.

The approach has been recently featured on BBC2’s Trust Me I am a Doctor.



How long is the consultation?

90 minutes

How many people are there in the group?

Up to 10

How many clinicians will there be?

There will be two clinicians present throughout the session.

What happens after this group consultation?

Within your group consultation, you will design a personalised action plan to aid and inform your rehabilitation. You will receive information on how to maximise your bone, joint and muscle health relevant to your goals. Following this, the next step in your care that is the best option for you will be discussed and arranged, this may include:

  • Supported self-management
  • Group exercise classes
  • Review with a physiotherapist
  • Referral for a scan or X-ray
  • Referral to a surgeon

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