Life at Connect Health

Read our people stories to find out what life is really like working for Connect Health.


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Life at Connect Health

Read our people stories to find out what life is really like working for Connect Health.


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People Stories

I have been able to progress quite a lot since I started at Connect due to the environment and support

Aidan McGuire, Service Transition Manager, tells us how his time at Connect Health has allowed him to try new things and work with many inspiring personalities across the organisation.

It’s nice to give back to the Graduate Development Programme, it feels like I’ve come full circle.

Mahin Kohli, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner (APP) and Team Lead in Wolverhampton, catches us up on the last 3 years of his career since we last spoke and tells us how he is embarking on an exciting new role with Flippin’ Pain!

As an FCP, I can see the positive impact that we bring to healthcare.

Gemma Parkin, Team Lead and First Contact Practitioner, tells us how rewarding it is being an FCP and how she is able to help patients to see the right people, first time.

Moving to a different country was a bit daunting at first but Connect Health has helped it to feel more like home

Abba Balarabe, Senior MSK Physiotherapist, tells us about the opportunities that are available to him and how the values of Connect Health are integrated into the company culture.

At Connect Health there is a great career framework and a family of roles you can move into.

Paul Vincent, Head of IM&T Service Operations for Connect Health, talks to us about his passion for technology and how he uses that to drive the projects he works on.

Connect Health gave me the confidence to try something new.

Amy Haggerston, Learning and Development Business Partner, describes how she feels like part of the bigger picture by supporting Connect Health colleagues to develop their skills and create better outcomes for patients.

Connect Health put people at the centre of everything. Everyone is just so nice and I’ve never felt so welcomed.

Ami Render, Team Leader in Patient Care Coordination (PCC) tell us about how she has moved career from retail and call centres to healthcare, and how she has changed her outlook on life. She explains how Connect Health is supportive, exciting, challenging and the rewards are always good.

There’s no limit to my ambition, I always look towards my next step. At Connect Health, it’s there to take.

Jenie Wilson, Advanced MSK Clinician and Team Lead in Oxfordshire, tells us how she felt overlooked because she was a sports therapist until she came to Connect Health where she feels like an equal with her colleagues.

It’s very important to me that the company I work for has a good ethos.

Lise Verlo, Development Manager in the Connect Health IM&T team, tells us about how she was still figuring things out when she left school and how her focus was to do something that would make her feel happy, even if she didn’t know what that was.

Trying to make things better for patients is what I enjoy.

Charlie Reed, Quality Support Advisor at Connect Health, explains how he started as a temp, has been promoted in just a year, and has had opportunities to travel and see the patient experience first hand.

Having the drive to help people is rewarding and keeps me going.

Kane Bertram, Junior Application Support Analyst at Connect Health, tells us about how he started out in Patient Care Coordination and progressed to his current position in Information Management Technology.

I trained to be a chiropractor and MSK is where my passion lies.

Michael Parkin, Advanced MSK practitioner, Chiropractor at North West CATs (Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service) tells us about how moving from private practice to Connect Health has opened up amazing opportunities for training and advancement.

It’s great to be a part of the Connect Health family

Karen Milsom, Clinical Specialist and Occupational Therapist at Connect Health Pain Services talks about her dual training in physical and mental health, and the benefits of working in an experienced multi disciplinary team.

I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I’ve had at Connect Health anywhere else

Sam McIntyre, Head of Operations North, NHS services tells us about her amazing achievements during her 22-year career at Connect Health, and how she loves the variety, opportunities and the work life balance.

Connect Health is an equal rights and opportunities employer

Connect Health is an equal rights and opportunities employer and today, we ask Senna Bhatti, Patient Care Advisor, about her experiences in the workplace, the barriers she has overcome and look to the future.