There’s no limit to my ambition, I always look towards my next step. At Connect Health, it’s there to take.

Jenie Wilson, Advanced MSK Clinician and Team Lead in Oxfordshire, tells us how she felt overlooked because she was a sports therapist until she came to Connect Health where she feels like an equal with her colleagues.

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I’ve always been interested in helping others

Growing up I always knew about physiotherapy, I was involved in a lot of different sports and was aware that therapists also worked with atheletes. I was also interested in charity work, I flew to Bulgaria to help build a playground within an orphanage. Bringing together these interests meant going into Sports Therapy was a natural next step.


I spent my university placement working with Bristol City Football Club

Between my second and third year at the University of Hertfordshire, I carried out a placement at Bristol City Football Club, where I worked with the under 8s to under 21s, diagnosing injuries, providing treatment and rehabilitation, and pitch side first aid.

I also worked with the university basketball team and the Hertfordshire Mavericks Super League Team. I loved these placements because I was able to start breaking down the barriers between physiotherapy and sports therapy.


I felt like I was doing the job of a physiotherapist

After graduating I started working in a private physiotherapy company, where I would see up to 13 patients a day doing the exact role of my physiotherapy colleagues, but still wasn’t seen as one.

After moving to another private company, I finally felt like my potential was seen and I was able to progress into a team leader role. However, I was on different rates of pay compared with physiotherapists.


There is still some misunderstanding when it comes to the differences between sports therapy and physiotherapy but, as a Team Lead, I feel that I am in a great position to educate others.


My sports therapist colleagues were experiencing the same differences that I was

Colleagues and previous classmates were also finding there was a lack of Sports Therapist roles, both within the public and private sector. There were a lot of roles advertised only for Physiotherapists which Sport Therapists were more than capable and qualified to do. Any Sport Therapy jobs always came with significantly less pay and benefits.

A lot of my peers ended up going back to university to complete a physiotherapy masters to gain access to those roles. To me, this seemed like ticking an unnecessary box, I wanted to move forward, not back.


When I saw the job vacancy for an MSK Clinician at Connect Health, I thought it was a typo!

When I came across the role of Advanced MSK Clinician – Sports Therapist at Connect Health I knew I’d struck gold. I applied straight away and started working for Connect in August 2022, breaking the mould of clinicians being appointed in this role and quickly progressing to Team Lead.


I lead by example, encouraging other Sports Therapists to live up to their potential

My day starts and ends with dedicated management time, where I can support my team and provide coaching to help them flourish in the role. During my clinical time I assess, provide treatment and next steps for patients with more complex cases. I also carry out triage from GP referrals to make sure patients get to see the correct specialist. I always knew an Advanced role would be challenging so I engage regularly with the Connect Health Academy – accessing training and development to stay up to date.


Connect Health encourages the wellbeing of individuals

There is flexibility in my role, I carry out part of my week in clinic and part at home – Connect Health really understands work-life balance. I suffer with autoimmune diseases and fatigue, at Connect this isn’t a problem and there are always options to make sure I do not burn out.


I suffer with autoimmune diseases and fatigue, at Connect this isn’t a problem and there are always options to make sure I don’t burn out.


I like to be personable with my patients

I always think ‘if I was in their shoes, how would I like to be treated’ and so I listen and tailor sessions to the individual in front of me.

In October 2022, I saw a patient who really stood out to me. Following what they described as a ‘failed hip replacement’, the pain, stress and lack of knowledge of what had happened and why, led the patient to become very emotional in our session, feeling that she was at a dead-end. I provided education, reassurance and a tailored exercise programme and plan for her going forward. It was amazing to see her discharged 4 months later as a different person, free from stress and pain.


My ambition is to become a sports therapy champion!

My goal is to really showcase and encourage Sports Therapists to aim high!

I will be involved in providing a pathway for Sports Therapists to apply for roles within Connect Health and to be able to be promoted into senior clinical positions.

I will be involved in conducting training sessions to build upon their skill set and enhance their abilities.


At Connect Health, you are good enough

My final words to my Sports Therapy colleagues is; you are good enough, do not settle for less and keep reaching to the top! At Connect Health that is achievable, it’s a breath of fresh air and an inspiring company to work for.


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