Innovative Partnerships

Innovative partnerships with NHS commissioners and other providers

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Innovative Partnerships

Innovative partnerships with NHS commissioners and other providers

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Working together to deliver effective and seamless care

Hammersmith and Fulham

Connect Health have been working with Hammersmith and Fulham since May 2016 and this comprehensive case study highlights the achievements in the first year, the challenges of MSK provision, the journey to tendering, the elements of the service and the positive impact on patients.

For the first year of the service significant improvements have been made, including reductions in secondary care referrals by GP’s year on year, reduction in MRI expenditure and reduction in waiting times for MSK services, despite increase in activity.

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Hammersmith and Fulham case study summary results

Flippin' Pain™

Living well with persistent pain is a concept inspired by Pain Revolution in Australia.

Connect Health delivers services for patients living with “Persistent Pain” as part of broader MSK pathways or as standalone services, such as in Lincolnshire. Management of pain has been in need of a new way of thinking as too many people have become reliant on injections and strong opioid medication which have been shown to be ineffective in the medium and longer-term.

Collaborating with Professor Lorimer Moseley, an international expert on chronic pain and clinical scientist, we are applying the innovative Pain Revolution principles to help people with chronic pain in the UK for the first time.

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Supporting the NHS

Connect Health Change


Since July 2020, Connect Health has provided a series of free webinars designed to make and embed transformation in healthcare during restitution of NHS services following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Aimed at system leaders and clinicians across the NHS, popular topics in the ‘Connect Health Change’ series have included Quality Improvement, COVID Rehab, Service Redesign, the implementation of FCP in PCNs, Transformation and most recently, a pragmatic review of the 2021 NICE chronic pain guidelines.

To watch any of our recorded sessions or to see our range of future topics coming up, please click the link below.

Connect Health Change events


Innovative partnerships with NHS commissioners and other providers

Where community and acute sectors work together to deliver the most effective and seamless care

NHS RightCare and GIRFT (Getting it Right First Time) enable NHS commissioners to review their local data to identify outliers, reduce unwarranted variation and highlight optimal practice. Those initiatives have led to a reinvestment in community MSK and pain services but the most seamless care and best value for money is delivered where community and acute sectors meet in effective partnership.

Our involvement in the local community means an investment in the third sector for example regularly working with local Healthwatch. We bring our services to the people, for example investing in a “Brain Bus” to take key messages to the public on understanding chronic pain. We run roadshows in local supermarkets and schools. Our working environment includes local authority operated gyms and other community spaces. We believe most MSK problems are not “disease” but part of life and so should be helped in a well-being environment, not hospitals.

What our patients say about us

We hear from Diana who suffers from chronic pain and has attended the Connect Health Pain Management Programme in Wolverhampton.

Monica had a hip replacement 3 months ago and within 6 weeks, returned her walking sticks.

“I really enjoy coming to the gym. I can really feel the difference. The physios keep me straight and give me the confidence to go on.” Monica, Merton

We speak with Sharon around her experience being part of the Pain Management Programme currently supporting those living with persistent pain across Wolverhampton.

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