Life at Connect Health

Read our people stories to find out what life is really like working for Connect Health.


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Life at Connect Health

Read our people stories to find out what life is really like working for Connect Health.


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People Stories

I didn’t want to go back to uni and do a physio masters – then Connect came along and paved the way for me.

Sadie Pinchbeck, Senior MSK Clinician/Sports Therapist and Team Leader at Darlington MSK, tells us more about her achievements and how Connect Health is really driving the change for sports therapists.

Connect Health thrives on change and new ways of thinking

Dr Marwan Al-Dawoud, National Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor, describes his experience of Connect Health’s multi-disciplinary approach.

The support of Connect Health with CPD progression is amazing.

Jonathan James, Senior MSK Clinician and Rehabilitation Therapist, describes how he has progressed his career with Connect Health and how it’s given him a more holistic approach and view of things.

With regards to the multi-disciplinary workforce, Connect Health are leaders.

Samuel Morris, Clinical Lead, Osteopath, Northwest Clinical Assessment and Treatment service (NWCATs), tells us a little about the highlights of his career to date and why he made the move to Connect Health.

Why I chose rheumatology as my career? … my answer “Why not rheumatology?”

Professor Bhaskar Dasgupta, Rheumatology Lead Consultant, tells us about why he’s joined Connect Health, his career to date and how the need to develop community care rheumatology capabilities is urgently required.

Connect’s Graduate Development Programme challenged me (in a good way!)

Joana Rodrigues, Senior MSK Clinician in Pain Services at Connect Health, tells us about how the Lincolnshire Pain team helped to support and encourage her towards a Senior Clinician role after joining the Graduate Development Programme (GDP).

Connect’s Graduate Development Programme fast tracked my career

Quratulain Basit (Annie), Senior MSK Clinician at Connect Health, tells us about her journey from Pakistan to the UK, and how her career got a boost after joining the Graduate Development Programme (GDP).

Working for Connect Health enables professional growth as a clinician

Sophie Coggins, Occupational Therapist specialising in chronic pain at Connect Health Pain Services, talks about her fascinating journey to finding the job she loves. She highlights there is a great sense of trust and feels valued and respected as a clinician.

Helping patients live a meaningful life with persistent pain

Dr Suzanne Roberts, Psychotherapist at the Wolverhampton Integrated MSK and Pain Service, explains how after 20 years nursing in the NHS she retrained as a psychotherapist and is now focussing her energy on helping patients live a meaningful life with persistent pain.

Connect Health is forward thinking, evidence based, focused on wellbeing and it’s good fun

Rebecca Gray, Senior MSK Physiotherapist, South Tyneside, talks about how she has progressed to senior MSK physio through the Advanced Development Programme (ADP). Rebecca has been very impressed with job crafting which tailors your objectives and goals to your personal needs.

Connect Health is the perfect place for someone from abroad used to working in other healthcare systems. There are very supportive, friendly colleagues

Dr Krisztina Szabo-Kocsis, Consultant Rheumatologist, South West Essex Community Rheumatology Service, Connect Health, tells us how, having worked in her native Hungary, she is now thriving on the challenge
of developing the service.

Staff wellbeing, support and communication between colleagues during Covid has been the biggest benefit

Shamina Martin, Pain Nurse Specialist in Lincolnshire, shares how she came to work in pain services, the support received and the impact of the pandemic on effectively supporting people living in persistent pain.

I’m really happy with the things I’ve achieved in the last three years, but without the ADP it wouldn’t have been possible

Mahin Kohli, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner (APP) in Pain Management at the Wolverhampton Integrated Musculoskeletal Service, tells us how his career was transformed by completing the Accelerated Development Programme (ADP), enabling him to accelerate his learning and quickly advance to a senior position.

There are dual benefits to both Australian physiotherapists and Connect Health

Chris McCarthy, Team Lead Physiotherapist at Connect Health Herts Valleys Integrated MSK service, tells us about why and how he moved from Australia to the UK, motivated by the attraction of European travel.

Connect Health has really inspired me to develop my skills, to learn more and be part of something I believe in.

Sonia Ovens, Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist, SWEX (South West Essex) Integrated MSK, Pain and Rheumatology Service describes how working at Connect Health has empowered her to treat patients the way they need to be treated, outside of mechanical constraints.