Life at Connect Health

Read our people stories to find out what life is really like working for Connect Health.


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Life at Connect Health

Read our people stories to find out what life is really like working for Connect Health.


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People Stories

Helping patients live a meaningful life with persistent pain

Dr Suzanne Roberts, Psychotherapist at the Wolverhampton Integrated MSK and Pain Service, explains how after 20 years nursing in the NHS she retrained as a psychotherapist and is now focussing her energy on helping patients live a meaningful life with persistent pain.

Connect Health is forward thinking, evidence based, focused on wellbeing and it’s good fun

Rebecca Gray, Senior MSK Physiotherapist, South Tyneside, talks about how she has progressed to senior MSK physio through the Advanced Development Programme (ADP). Rebecca has been very impressed with job crafting which tailors your objectives and goals to your personal needs.

Connect Health is the perfect place for someone from abroad used to working in other healthcare systems. There are very supportive, friendly colleagues

Dr Krisztina Szabo-Kocsis, Consultant Rheumatologist, South West Essex Community Rheumatology Service, Connect Health, tells us how, having worked in her native Hungary, she is now thriving on the challenge
of developing the service.

Staff wellbeing, support and communication between colleagues during Covid has been the biggest benefit

Shamina Martin, Pain Nurse Specialist in Lincolnshire, shares how she came to work in pain services, the support received and the impact of the pandemic on effectively supporting people living in persistent pain.

I’m really happy with the things I’ve achieved in the last three years, but without the ADP it wouldn’t have been possible

Mahin Kohli, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner (APP) in Pain Management at the Wolverhampton Integrated Musculoskeletal Service, tells us how his career was transformed by completing the Accelerated Development Programme (ADP), enabling him to accelerate his learning and quickly advance to a senior position.

There are dual benefits to both Australian physiotherapists and Connect Health

Chris McCarthy, Team Lead physiotherapist at Connect Health Herts Valleys integrated MSK service, tells us about why and how he moved from Australia to the UK, motivated by the attraction of European travel.

Connect Health has really inspired me to develop my skills, to learn more and be part of something I believe in.

Sonia Ovens, Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist, SWEX (South West Essex) Integrated MSK, Pain and Rheumatology Service describes how working at Connect Health has empowered her to treat patients the way they need to be treated, outside of mechanical constraints.

I love to see the changes we help people to make to their lives, and the benefits in terms of how they feel

Dr Lizzie Doherr, Clinical Lead for Pain Psychology, Lincolnshire Pain Management Service, describes the advantages of moving out of her comfort zone to Connect Health after 20 years in one organisation.

Connect Health has a can-do culture, that’s really focused on continual improvement and investing in its people. There’s just so much opportunity

Emily Byatt, Service Manager, Lincolnshire Community Pain Management Service talks about how the values at Connect Health attracted her to take on a new role and reinvigorated her passion for healthcare delivery.

Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving

Rick Williams, Senior Occupational Health Physiotherapist, tells us how since lockdown, his exercise regime has dramatically changed, knocking up 150 miles of cycling a week. It is not just great fun but helps him support occupational health programmes too.

I’ve been given very professional training, despite the COVID-19 emergency

Sneha Mistry, Senior Occupational Health Physiotherapist, Central Region, describes her experience of joining Connect Health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how this impacted on her induction and first few weeks of work.

I was attracted by Connect Health’s rehabilitation ethos and their pioneering use of IT and digital health solutions

Gail Sowden, Consultant Physiotherapist and National Pain Lead, discusses why she joined Connect Heath and shares what it’s like being in the all-female leadership team in our revolutionary Lincolnshire Pain service.

Connect Health has been very supportive of my learning and development, giving me time off for studying. It’s really satisfying and enriching

Michael Dare, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner, Rheumatology SIG and Clinical Lead for East Kent Rheumatology service shares how he’s developed professionally at Connect Health.

In 10 years, when we look back, I can proudly say I’ve tried to play my part

Alex Beechey, Senior MSK physiotherapist in Herts Valleys tells us how life has changed clinically and personally, during Covid-19.

Connect Health has given me the opportunity to specialise in MSK, to get some significant patient experience and the ability to upskill and challenge myself

Corey Harding, Service Manager for the Herts Valleys MSK service explains how he’s developed his leadership skills and flourished in his career.

Connect is challenging but very rewarding. The flexibility of working around family life has been a huge benefit for me.

Deb Barrett, Community Services and Occupational Health Physiotherapy Team Leader, talks about how Connect has supported the development of her career to date, but also provided great flexibility and work-life balance.

I felt shackled in the NHS and really wanted to work somewhere with less red tape

Philip Barber, Clinical Lead for South West Essex (SWEX) and Developing Consultant Physiotherapist (DCP), talks about his career to date and how the DCP programme is bringing opportunities and career choices to the participants.

Connect Health gives you the chance to learn and develop both personally and professionally – Deputy Head of Physiotherapy

Andy Reilly, Deputy Head of Physiotherapy, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust tells us how his years at Connect Health helped him to become a clinical leader

How Jess became the first person at Connect to progress from graduate to Senior Physiotherapist within 3 years, specialising in women’s health.

Jess Norris, physio in the North East, explains how she became the first person at Connect to progress from graduate to Senior Physiotherapist within 3 years, specialising in women’s health.

How Connect Health welcomed me into the company and gave me the opportunity to advance my career

James Olasunkanmi, MSK Physiotherapist in Croydon, talks about how the clinical journey at Connect Health provides a clear transition from student, Advanced Development.

How Connect Health has been fundamental to my recovery

Rachael Marsden, Senior MSK Physiotherapist, Merton tells her inspirational story, from working in the NHS for 17 years, dealing with a prolonged illness, then joining Connect and blossoming into a brilliant physio and hugely valued and popular team member.

For me, working at Connect has been a whirlwind of learning opportunities

Ian Sinclair, Patient Care Advisor, Dictation and Resource Analyst, tells us about his career at Connect, why he thrives on helping others and how Connect always put patients and colleagues first.

How support from Connect is allowing me to develop my role and further my career in Women’s Health

Kavita Chokshi, Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Brent Physiotherapy Service shares her experience of joining Connect from TUPE NHS.

I chose to work at Connect as I felt I could progress quicker despite taking a backward step in responsibility initially

Paul Shawcross, Developing Consultant Physiotherapist, has a clinical interest in the management of musculoskeletal health in the workplace. He talks about how the Developing Consultant Physiotherapist (DCP) programme is enabling him to embed his clinical leadership skills across Connect’s occupational health physiotherapy services.

The Life of an Occupational Health Physiotherapy Team Lead

Pauline Austin, Advanced Practice Physiotherapist and Team Lead writes about her experiences in Occupational Health Physiotherapy after working in the NHS for 13 years. In 2016, Pauline had the opportunity within Connect Health to take up the post of team lead for Occupational Health Physiotherapy (North).

How moving to Connect Health gave me new career opportunities

Katie Fox, Team leader and Specialist Hand Therapist in Herts Valleys, talks about her transition from the NHS to Connect.

How Connect Health gave me the perfect foundations to enhance my career

Alex Beechey, Senior MSK physiotherapist in Herts Valleys was TUPE’d over to Connect in January 2018. He describes the positive challenges of working at Connect, and how it’s given him the perfect foundation for his career.

Connect has really invested in my development

Stephen Swift, MSK Team Leader, Service Transition Manager and Developing Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner in Pain Management, talks about moving from the NHS and his development at Connect.

Connect kickstarted my clinical career that had felt stifled for some time

Neil Swift, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner and Lower Limb Subject Matter Expert discusses his career progression at Connect and his upcoming educational event.

Amy Baines explains how Connect Health completely changed her perception of Occupational Health

Amy Baines, Senior Occupational Health Physiotherapist (Central) talks about her passion for occupational health as a career choice.

Why I’m excited about developing an innovative pain service

Dr Sophie Gwinnett, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Wolverhampton, tells us why she initially chose not to TUPE over to Connect and how since joining the company, is excited about developing an innovative pain service for the organisation.

How Connect Health empowered me with the confidence and opportunities to grow

Read more about Kayleigh Bramley, Estates Procurement Officer’s positive career journey with Connect Health where the opportunities available allowed her to develop and grow so that each day brings something new so that she “never gets the Sunday blues”

My journey from Australia to Newcastle and why I chose Connect

Timothy Raffle, MSK Physiotherapist, Occupational Health based in the North East, talks about his journey from Australia to Newcastle and why he chose a career at Connect