Connect Health provides transformation expertise in NHS England’s HSSF Agreement

Connect Health is delighted to announce it is now an accredited supplier on the national NHS England Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF).

21 July 2020


Offering services in the categories “Patient Empowerment and Activation” and “Transformation and Change” in the NHS England Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF), Connect Health, founded over 30 years ago, is a leading NHS community healthcare provider with a proven transformation and mobilisation model.

Its innovative services and infrastructure minimise waste, using performance data to achieve 30% service efficiency across transformed clinical services, reducing waiting times, achieving better outcomes and relieving increasing pressures on primary and secondary care.

Mike Turner, Chief Operating Officer, Connect Health says:

Transformation through data and culture change is fundamental to really understanding the right interventions for patients and delivering sustainable pathways. Working with NHS partners to transform care, our expertise in this area has seen the organisation mobilise and transform over 15 community services in the last few years.

“We have invested over £3m to develop capability and infrastructure with an exclusive focus on the delivery of high quality, responsive integrated services with the aim of optimising the experience for patients, taxpayers and colleagues.”

Connect Health’s services are wholly designed to focus on the patient experience and what really makes a difference to them – being seen in the right place, at the right time, by the right clinician. By realigning MSK, orthopaedic, pain and rheumatology expenditure, patient activity is rebalanced to the most appropriate setting, in line with the NHS RightCare model.

As the cycle of change in the NHS moves into another phase of integration, the fundamental requirements of high-quality care at the right time remain. Integration for Connect Health in all its local pathways means closer working with primary, community, third sector and secondary care partners.

The NHS Long Term Plan calls for greater integration of healthcare services, of health and social care, and of physical and mental health services, more important than ever given the impact of COVID-19. Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICS) are a vehicle to enable providers and commissioners to collaborate in order to take accountability for a defined set of resources and make faster improvements in the quality of care and the health and well-being of their population.

The HSSF provides an easy and supported route to access the support systems needed to transform how they deliver care and get best value from taxpayers’ money. Read more about the HSSF here.

Read more about transformation at Connect Health: