Clinical Expertise

Clinical experts in MSK, pain management and mental health services.

We are transforming the delivery of community healthcare services. Our services are underpinned by clinical expertise, multi-professional teams, unrivalled data insight, a culture of quality improvement, continually improving clinical outcomes and be the ‘go to’ NHS delivery partner.

Connect Health Change Webinars First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) Personalised Care

Clinical Expertise

Clinical experts in MSK, pain management and mental health services.

We are transforming the delivery of community healthcare services. Our services are underpinned by clinical expertise, multi-professional teams, unrivalled data insight, a culture of quality improvement, continually improving clinical outcomes and be the ‘go to’ NHS delivery partner.

Connect Health Change Webinars First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) Personalised Care

Clinical Services

Connect Health offers a range of clinical services spanning musculoskeletal (MSK) health, rheumatology, pain, mental health and long Covid services.

Clinical Expertise

As the UK’s largest and most experienced independent leading community healthcare provider, our services incorporate a specialist, clinically lead multi-disciplinary team (MDT) consisting of the below:

Connect Health's multi-disciplinary workforce


  • Physiotherapists
  • GPwER (GPs with extended role)
  • Occupational therapists
  • Sports and exercise medicine doctors
  • Advanced clinical practitioners
  • Pain consultants
  • Rheumatology consultants
  • Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Rehab therapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Pharmacists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Osteopaths
  • Consultant Practitioners
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Quality Improvement

Our quality ethos drives clinical and patient outcomes. As a commitment to this ethos, each of our teams undertake an annual quality improvement (QI) project focused on ensuring that our services improve the care and experience of our patients.


Clinical Support Tools

Connect Health has developed a unique set of clinical support tools covering the top 10 most common conditions in order to deliver and measure the most clinically effective care.

MSK Clinical Support Tools

Cutting clinical variation and improving patient care.

Clinical expertise

Connect Health has developed a unique set of clinical support tools covering the top 10 most common conditions in order to deliver and measure the most clinically effective care.

"It's great being able to reassure the patient from the outset that they are receiving the right treatment."

Sue Campbell, Senior Physiotherapist, who developed the lateral epicondylitis guideline

The problem

Clinical Variation

Clinical supervision is subjective and limited monitoring Clinical supervision has been proven to promote a healthy culture for development, improve competence of staff and reduce clinician stress and sickness rates, but NOT been proven to address variation in practice.

Patients should have equity of access to care across the UK regardless of where the live
Patients who live in areas of deprivation are much less likely to have a knee or hip replacement than from affluent population areas.*

Information overload

7,000 good quality MSK Randomised Control Trails are produced per YEAR in English alone
It takes 17 years to translate evidence based practice into routline clinical practice and National Clinical Guidelines produce updates every 3 years

If you read one article per day, you’d be 20 years behind, so we neede to close this gap and help our clinicians have evidence at finger tips.

10/10 Traffic light system – covering what to do and what not to do

Below is an example 10/10 support tool for low back pain +/- radiculopathy

  • TENS, Traction, Supports, Electrotherapy, Acupuncture
  • Massage/manual therapy, Yoga, Psychological treatment combined with physiological
  • Lifestyle advice, Pharmacological treatment, Physical therapy/exercise programmes, Nerve root injection (after 6 weeks if severe)
* access-planned-surgery

Read about our clinical support tools here


Clinical Governance

Delivering high-quality care is at the centre of what we do at Connect Health. With our innovative clinicians and pioneering approach to transformation and innovation, our clinical delivery is cutting edge. It is important therefore that we assure what we do, identify where things can be improved, and implement a robust approach that takes delivers that improvement.

Our Clinical Leadership team are supported by an array of supporting teams such as our operational, business intelligence and Smartdust colleagues to ensure that there is a real-time awareness of clinical quality, safety and patient experience so that we can identify areas that require our focus and bring about impactful change. This enables us to achieve excellent clinical outcomes with our patients.

Read more about the need to focus on Quality Improvement in our blog



Clinical Outcomes

Here we feature our partnerships in the NHS

Putting patients at the centre with Personalised Care

Personalised care is one of the five major, practical changes to the NHS, as set out in the NHS Long Term Plan with an ambition to reach 2.5 million people by 2023/24 and then aims to double that again within a decade.

Personalised care means people have choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered. It is based on ‘what matters’ to them and their individual strengths and needs.

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Efficiency and innovative partnerships, working together to launch the Brent Integrated Musculoskeletal Service

Streamlining services to cut waiting lists and onward referrals in Brent.

NHS Brent ICB (Integrated Care Board) is responsible for a population of approximately 375,305 patients across 54 practices. They selected Connect Health in January 2019 to provide the Community Physiotherapy Service for the patients of Brent. In October 2019 the contract was extended to include a Tier 2 Clinical Assessment and Triage Service (CATS) which provides a single point of access gateway for musculoskeletal (MSK) health, rheumatology, pain, women’s health, orthopaedics and diagnostics.

Read the full case study


Raising the quality of MSK services in Hammersmith & Fulham

We have been working with Hammersmith & Fulham since May 2016 and this comprehensive case study highlights achievements in the first year, the challenges of MSK, the journey to tendering, the elements of the service and the positive impact on patients.

For the first year of the service significant improvements have been made;

  • Reductions in secondary care referrals by GPs year on year
    • 14% reduction in Trauma & Orthopaedics
    • 19% reduction in Rheumatology
  • Reduction in MRI expenditure
    • 31% reduction Apr 15-Jan 16 compared with Apr 16-Jan 17
    • 46% reduction in Jan 16 v Jan 17
  • Reduction in waiting times for MSK services, despite increase in activity
    • 99% RTT (referral to treatment) rate
    • 85% of patients are seen in physio clinic within 3 weeks from GP referral

Read the full case study


Working in partnership with Nottingham

Connect Health demonstrates further operational efficiencies and improves patient outcomes.

Working in partnership with Nottingham West and Nottingham North & East (NW & NNE) to provide the MSK service since April 2016, Connect Health is proud to release updated figures relating to efficiencies and outcomes, up to April 2019.

Updated figures: Achievements 16/17 – 18/19

Read the original case study



The Connect Health Academy is our enhanced learning and development suite – a place for all colleagues to Discover, Grow and Thrive within Connect Health.


The Connect Health Academy enables:

  • an inclusive environment to explore and develop careers within Connect Health and beyond
  • all colleagues the ability to expand their knowledge, skills and capabilities to be the best they can be
  • improved quality of care for our patients while enhancing learning for our multi-professional workforce
  • a “Great Place to Work”

The Academy is more than a system, it is a place where our colleagues can Discover, Grow and Thrive. They can develop their skills and knowledge and explore new areas of interest. It is fully accessible and is inclusive to all our colleagues.


Aims of the Academy

Read more about the Academy


Student placements

We have a comprehensive student placement programme in place with face to face options now available. We have relationships with HEIs throughout the UK and provide up to 200 students placements a year that span across a number of professions.

During a student placement, students can access education via our Academy and are encouraged to contribute towards it during their time with us.

We have a dedicated group of placement supervisors within Connect who are able to provide an excellent student experience.

We have now returned to in-clinic only student placements which are organised directly with higher education institutes (HEIs). Please ask your HEI if they send students on Connect Health placements if you are interested in coming on a placement with us.

Read more about our Virtual Student Placements


View our Connect Health Change webinar on Education – 10.02.21


Connect Health has established itself as an organisation publishing research on a regular basis, with the outcomes used to understand, adapt, and improve clinical delivery across community healthcare as well as the development of effective patient treatment programmes, at a local and national level. Research leadership across Connect Health is provided by Andrew Cuff (Director of Clinical Strategy). As part of our five-year strategy, we expect our research output and impact to continue to maintain momentum.  

In 2021-22, we had our most productive and impactful year research wise with 20+ publications in a variety of peer-reviewed journals as well as at national and international conferences. We successfully obtained our first research grant and have supported opportunities for 25% of our workforce to be research active within their practice.  

EQ5D Outcomes

Connect Health’s patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are used to determine the health benefit of an intervention. We ask patients to complete their PROMS electronically before their first appointment, upon discharge, and three months after discharge. Our PROMS are aligned to recommendations provided by NHSE and help us to tailor our treatment to each individual. They also give us insight so that we can continue to innovate and improve the quality of care that we provide.



Academic Partnerships

Together, we recognise the benefits of collaboration in the field of learning, research, development and outreach opportunities.

Connect Health has developed partnerships with a range of universities, helping to provide to our comprehensive MSK Mentorship Programme, whereby physiotherapy students are offered training, mentoring, and professional development whilst studying for their degree collaborative research and innovation opportunities.

Find out more about our Academic Partnerships

What our patients say about us

Karen explains how the Pain Management Programme has equipped her with the necessary learning to manage the pain and continue living her best life.

We speak with Sharon around her experience being part of the Pain Management Programme currently supporting those living with persistent pain across Wolverhampton.

Monica had a hip replacement 3 months ago and within 6 weeks, returned her walking sticks.

“I really enjoy coming to the gym. I can really feel the difference. The physios keep me straight and give me the confidence to go on.” Monica, Merton

We hear from Diana who suffers from chronic pain and has attended the Connect Health Pain Management Programme in Wolverhampton.

Kelly, from Hertfordshire, was suffering from depression and anxiety when she came to Connect Health. Her counsellor was able to help her to find her way.

Geraldine Vinall, 75 from Milton Keynes, explains how living with back and neck pain all her adult life has been transformed by attending the Connect Health group exercise classes at her local gym.

Tina, 47, was suffering from PTSD, depression, low self worth and feelings of a loss of identity alongside ME. But with the help of her counsellor she was able to talk, be listened to and was offered tips and advice

Petra Jahn, 63 from Milton Keynes tells us, after 5 operations on her hip and being off-work for 4 years, how her health is gradually improving through group exercise classes.

Sylvie, 46, from Lincolnshire tells how Connect Health’s Pain Management Programme (PMP) has helped her enjoy life again.

PhysioNow detected a possible significant condition at the end of normal working hours, enabling Joe to receive quicker access to clinical advice and urgent investigations.

Jacky received her diagnosis just 12 days after completing her initial assessment thanks to PhysioNow®.

Retired medical secretary, Barbara, explains how a niggling back pain flare up was solved with physiotherapy advice, without having to leave her home.

Terry Fisher, 67 from Darlington, tells us about his journey, from being in a coma and unable to walk to being back on the golf course with help from Connect Health and the Healthy Darlington Programme