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Patient Outcomes

NHS Services Patient Outcomes

You do more in the group exercise classes, you do it properly and you meet new people.

9 May 2022

Petra Jahn, 63 from Milton Keynes tells us, after 5 operations on her hip and being off-work for 4 years, how her health is gradually improving through group exercise classes.

NHS Services Patient Outcomes

Going on the PMP course meant I was surrounded by people going through the same thing and I didn’t feel alone

3 March 2022

Sylvie, 46, from Lincolnshire tells how Connect Health’s Pain Management Programme (PMP) has helped her enjoy life again.

Clinical NHS Patient Outcomes

Darlington Integrated Musculoskeletal Service

20 July 2021

Positive effects of introducing the single point of access (SPOA) on secondary care and diagnostics activity in Darlington.

NHS Services Patient Outcomes PhysioNow

PhysioNow picks up spinal metastases (from cancer) through routine physio assessment

3 June 2021

Jacky received her diagnosis just 12 days after completing her initial assessment thanks to PhysioNow®.

NHS Services Patient Outcomes PhysioNow

PhysioNow identifies a potentially serious condition on a Friday afternoon, enabling immediate treatment outside working hours, saving 3-day delay to assessment

3 June 2021

PhysioNow detected a possible significant condition at the end of normal working hours, enabling Joe to receive quicker access to clinical advice and urgent investigations.

NHS Services Patient Outcomes

The videos were wonderful and the girl was amazing. You could see exactly what she was doing

24 May 2021

Retired medical secretary, Barbara, explains how a niggling back pain flare up was solved with physiotherapy advice, without having to leave her home.