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Case Studies

Mental Health Patient Outcomes Talking Therapies

Connect Health’s Counselling service allows patients to be heard and feel like they have someone to talk to.

Kelly, from Hertfordshire, was suffering from depression and anxiety when she came to Connect Health. Her counsellor was able to help her to find her way.

NHS Services Patient Outcomes

Connect Health has restored faith in my own ability.

Geraldine Vinall, 75 from Milton Keynes, explains how living with back and neck pain all her adult life has been transformed by attending the Connect Health group exercise classes at her local gym.

NHS Services Patient Outcomes

The support has been invaluable and I’m forever grateful to Connect Health’s Counselling service

Tina, 47, was suffering from PTSD, depression, low self worth and feelings of a loss of identity alongside ME. But with the help of her counsellor she was able to talk, be listened to and was offered tips and advice

Clinical NHS

Shaping our services to address health inequalities in Camden

Connect Health has shaped services to overcome the barriers of different communities in accessing services and participating in physical activity.

NHS Services Patient Outcomes

You do more in the group exercise classes, you do it properly and you meet new people.

Petra Jahn, 63 from Milton Keynes tells us, after 5 operations on her hip and being off-work for 4 years, how her health is gradually improving through group exercise classes.

NHS Services Patient Outcomes

Going on the PMP course meant I was surrounded by people going through the same thing and I didn’t feel alone

Sylvie, 46, from Lincolnshire tells how Connect Health’s Pain Management Programme (PMP) has helped her enjoy life again.