John’s Story

After operations in both legs, John is enjoying the gym experience to get back on his feet.

Patient Stories

After operations in both legs, John is enjoying the gym experience to get back on his feet


I’m 75 and have always been fit and well. Before my double accident, I swam 6 times a week and became very frustrated to be off my feet. Here’s my story…

Last year, I caught my heel in a grating and assumed I had sprained my ankle. Consequently, I had 2-3 X-rays at A&E which showed that there were no broken bones. So I assumed it was just a swollen ankle and that it would take ages to heal.

But after quite some time, it still wasn’t healing so I went to the doctor and had an MRI scan which subsequently showed I had been misdiagnosed. I had actually severed the Achilles tendon. This necessitated quite a big operation due to the time that had elapsed – it had been 7 months since the accident.

I recovered from the operation but because my good leg (right leg) was doing all the work due to my left leg not being weight-bearing, after 5-6 weeks of the operation, I hopped up a step and my right leg collapsed on me. I severed my quadriceps – the big muscle on the knee that allows you to extend your leg.

That necessitated another big operation about 4-5 weeks later which left me in plaster for 5 weeks. When I came out it was really important I had some physio. The muscles in both my legs had backfired and I needed to be able to walk again.

The Connect physios are very sympathetic and caring, and genuinely concerned to do the very best for me, to get me better

I saw the physio who gave me a course of exercises to do indoors. The last time I went to the clinic, the physio sent me to the gym and I saw a very nice lady called Kat who showed me what to do and which machines to use to strengthen my legs and ankles.

I go on a weekly basis so that I can strengthen the muscles in both legs and get back to normality. Kat is a lovely girl – very helpful, sympathetic and caring. And Bastien was also very pleasant and seemed genuinely concerned and wanted to do the very best for me, to get me better.

“It’s been a long business – well over a year and being totally dependent on someone for everything, whilst being off my feet was very frustrating. Now I’m going to the gym in Hammersmith every week and I also have a gentle swim. I do like the gym experience and it has proven to be an essential part of the rehabilitation process.”

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