Zero Tolerance for Abusive or Aggressive Behaviour

Zero Tolerance for Abusive or Aggressive Behaviour

Connect Health takes it very seriously if a member of staff or member of the public is treated in an aggressive, abusive, or violent way.

Most of our patients treat our staff and each other with kindness and respect. Equally all our staff aim to be polite, helpful, and sensitive to all patients’ individual needs and circumstances. We, like other areas of healthcare, are seeing increasing incidents of unacceptable behaviour to our staff and would like to remind all patients: We support the government’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ campaign for Health Service Staff. This states that staff have a right to care for others without fear of being attacked or abused. To successfully provide these services, a mutual respect between all staff and patients must be in place.

Connect Health reserves the right to suspend a person temporarily or permanently from accessing our services depending on the nature of the behaviour displayed.

We feel sure that you will understand that proper behaviour is necessary for our staff and patients, and that non-observance will not be accepted. We understand that patients in pain or distress do not always act in a reasonable manner and will take this into consideration when trying to deal with a misunderstanding or complaint.

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