Tina’s Story

Tina, 47, was suffering from PTSD, depression, low self worth and feelings of a loss of identity alongside ME. But with the help of her counsellor she was able to talk, be listened to and was offered tips and advice

Patient Stories

My challenges

  • I was suffering from PTSD, depression, low self worth and feelings of a loss of identity. I also suffer with ME so have lost the ability to function ‘normally’ and work.
  • This subsequently changed along with my feelings of achievement. I also was undergoing serious issues within my family which were out of my control.
  • I was in a series of abusive relationships for approximately 20 years, with the most recent resulting in imprisonment of my ex. I felt I had to move house, change my name and start my life over. Having ME added to these stresses as I am unable to manage day to day living as well as work.


The treatment I received

I received Person-Centred Counselling for Depression approach within Talking Therapies (formerly known as IAPT) from Connect Health.


The outcomes

The counsellor was able to help me put things into perspective, give me confidence to try something new and let me talk through how I might handle my personal situations in an environment where I felt like I mattered, my feelings mattered and that I could make adjustments to move forward. In addition, she helped me manage some personal family issues.


The most helpful aspects of my therapy

  • Being able to talk, be listened to and offered tips and advice for analysing and managing personal relationship situations.
  • Believing in my own self worth.
  • I don’t believe I would be where I am now without her. She has been a source of logic, understanding, compassion and positivity in a friendly, comfortable and safe environment. Even at my darkest times, I was able to find some humour with her so it felt very balanced and not all doom and gloom for me.


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