Interdisciplinary Community Pain Management Services

Download our Pain Services Brochure View our latest case study

Interdisciplinary Community Pain Management Services

Download our Pain Services Brochure View our latest case study

Connect Health Pain Services

We provide high value community-based pain management services based on a biopsychosocial model and delivered by an interdisciplinary team of pain specialists. All treatments provided are compliant with clinical guidelines and evidence-based care.


The Challenge


Why Connect Health?

Trusted partner

Connect Health has worked with NHS Trusts over recent years to reduce demands on secondary care activity. We’ve been providing solutions in the MSK and pain pathways for three decades with proven benefits to patients and secondary care pathway partners.

Service transformation

We deliver sustained transformation through our dedication to patient care, sophisticated infrastructure, digital tools, highly advanced clinical and operational data insight and change methodology.


Working within the community, we can ensure that onward patient referrals are appropriate, maximising quality and operational efficiency.


We are dedicated to helping the NHS pathway perform at its highest level and in all aspects we ensure the key stakeholders, namely patients, staff and taxpayers, get the best outcome.


The Solution

We provide combined physical and psychological pain management, which depending on the level of pain care (Primary, Community and Specialist) can consist of:

• Advice and guidance with clear referral criteria

• Clinical triage and comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment by a specialist pain clinician

• Medication review and optimisation

• Pain education and supported self-management

• Individual and group based pain rehabilitation programmes, dosage dependent on the level of care commissioned and patient need

• Evidence based injections


How does Connect Health help?

• Improved access – local, short waits, convenient appointments, range of ways of accessing care (in-person, telehealth and/or online/digital)

• Shared decision making

• High quality evidence based care

• Positive outcomes that could include: pain intensity; disability/physical activity; emotional wellbeing; health related quality of life; productivity; reduced medication

• Improved visibility of service performance data (eg activity, patient experience and outcomes)

• Improved compliance with Procedure of Limited Clinical Value (PoLCV) / local prescribing formulary

• Reduction in volume of some pain interventions delivered (eg spinal epidural)

• Positive impact on key pain outcomes such as self-efficacy, disability, distress and health care usage

• Upskilling and support for primary care

• Mitigates practice costs by reducing the number of repeat GP visits

• Provides advice and support regarding pain medication use

• Provides resources for improving understanding of chronic pain amongst primary care staff

Our evidence based, clinically supported digital pain programme offers a viable alternative to multiple individual appointments or group-based care.


Helpful resources


Flippin’ Pain™ is a public health campaign, championed by Connect Health, helping people to understand the science of pain.

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Sylvie from Lincolnshire


Connect Health is a leading provider and enabler of community services, including: MSK (musculoskeletal), Mental health, Chronic pain, Rehabilitation, Rheumatology, First Contact Practitioners (FCP) and Long Covid services

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