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Gender Pay Gap



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Gender Pay Gap Reporting (GPGR) is a requirement for all companies who employ 250 or more employees. It is not a measure of equal pay, it considers the difference in values of pay between men and women within a company.

At Connect Health we are an equal pay employer. All roles are assigned to pay frameworks, with some roles including bonus incentives, therefore colleagues, regardless of whether they are male or female, are paid equally and fairly for the role they do.


The requirement for GPGR is different to this, as we are required to:

• Take a snapshot of hourly rates of pay from payroll as at the 5th April annually and for bonus payments, consider everything paid to employees in the year leading up to that date, we then;

• Split the workforce into 4 groups, known as pay quartiles (lower, lower middle, upper middle and upper). Then we;

• Compare the average hourly rate of pay (mean) with the middle hourly rate of pay (median) for men and women and present the difference as a percentage; and we;

• Compare bonus payments of men and women to determine any percentage difference too.


Differences in pay and bonuses are affected by how many men and women are in each pay group.

At Connect Health we are proud that we have a good split of men and women across all roles who are equally paid.


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