Pain: Do You Get It?

The Pain: Do You Get It? event series is an awareness-raising public engagement movement encouraging communities to change how they think, talk and treat chronic pain

18 February 2020

Pain: Do You Get It?

Do you, or someone you love, live with chronic pain?

You are not alone: chronic pain effects between 30-50% of people in Lincolnshire!

This public education event invites the general public, healthcare professionals and those with an interest in persistent pain management to hear leading experts discuss the latest scientific understanding of pain in a way that is both fun and relevant.

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Professor Lorimer Moseley

Internationally acclaimed pain scientist, author and educator Professor Lorimer Moseley has 25 years’ experience understanding and treating persistent pain. Lorimer has 300 published research articles, 6 books to his name and presented a series of stimulating Ted X Talks putting him at the forefront of thinking in contemporary pain science.

Professor Cormac Ryan

Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation at Teesside University, Cormac has published over 60 journal articles in the area of chronic pain and pain education.

When and where

1:00-2:30 pm, 18th February 2020

The Blue Room, The Lawn, Union Road, Lincoln  LN1 3BU


What is the Pain: Do You Get It?

Pain: Do You Get It? is an awareness-raising public health campaign encouraging communities to change the way they think about, talk about, and treat chronic pain.

Our goal is to Engage, Educate, and Empower the people of Lincolnshire towards better outcomes when it comes to persistent pain. We’re aiming to ‘flip’ our understanding and experiences of pain.



‘‘Inspiring’’… ‘’Eye-opening’’ … ‘’Extremely interesting and hopeful’’ … ’Enlightening, interesting and inspiring’’

‘‘Very interesting. Certainly things to consider and new ways to approach pain’’

‘’Inspirational, given me hope and energy to forge ahead. Loved Lorimer. Thank you, thank you, thank you’’

‘’Very challenging ideas that have sown a seed for me to find out more’’

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When: 1:00-2:30pm, 18th February 2020

Where: The Blue Room, The Lawn, Union Road, Lincoln  LN1 3BU