Without access to the live videos I would have been stuck at home in pain

Facebook Live physio sessions provide pain relief for Lynn during lockdown

Lynn Dosis has lived and worked in Corfu for 26 years and 6 months ago, started to get significant pain in her shoulder. It took a while to go to the doctor and following an MRI scan, was diagnosed with arthritis and a ruptured tendon. Physiotherapy was planned but had to be halted due to Covid-19. Here’s her story.

I’m just so happy I can do things again. I went through so much pain for so long and then I was in lockdown and didn’t know what to do.

I started having problems with my shoulder and I couldn’t lift my arm. It gradually got worse and it stopped me doing everyday things such as hanging the washing out and drying myself.

I was speaking to my cousin and she mentioned she used to work for Connect Health and suggested I join the Upper Body Facebook Live sessions. So I just clicked onto it and it was brilliant. I joined every day and would save them down to do again.

At first it was difficult, and I couldn’t do the floor exercises very well. But I mentioned it to the physiotherapist Tom Flanagan, and he changed the exercises. I found almost immediate improvement at the front and side of my body. I can now get my arm halfway up my back which was a massive improvement.

Without access to the live videos I would have been stuck at home in pain. I live 5km up a mountain and would have struggled to drive the 45 minutes to see the doctor.

The exercises I’d been given previously weren’t pushing me to go further and what I found with the videos was every time I did it, I pushed myself a little more and it’s really good. I’m still doing the exercises 4 times a week with the added benefit that I can now go swimming.

I would say I’m 50-60% improved which is a perfect result during lockdown.


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