North Manchester

Community MSK and Pain Management Service

MSK Services: 0330 174 1398

Pain Management: 0800 048 5322

Connect Health Pain Services

PhysioNow self-referral is not currently available in this service, please speak to your GP to refer.


Connect Health MSK Services

PhysioNow self-referral is not currently available in this service. To self-refer for the MSK service, please contact us on 0330 174 1398.

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Pain Management requires referral from MSK and GP services locally

MSK services require GP referral

Our North Manchester Services

What we provide in your area:

  • MSK
  • The orthopaedic multi-disciplinary team is led by specialist consultants for each of the sub-specialities – Spinal, Upper and Lower Limb, Foot and Ankle. The Connect Manchester team comprises of surgeons, orthopaedic physicians, extended scope practitioners, allied health professionals (physiotherapy and podiatry) and nurses. A patient can expect to receive a compassionate and evidence-based approach to their assessment and treatment. Where possible the patient will attend clinic and the diagnosis and treatment will commence on the same day.

    Diagnostic scanning (including MRI) will be provided prior to the consultations, where clinically indicated and the results available to the clinicians when they see the patient to help diagnose and treat them.

    The clinical pathways that we use fully support a conservative approach to treatment and life-style clinics and various options will be discussed with the patient. If a patient requires surgical intervention we will seamlessly transfer all results and reports to the choice of hospital to avoid duplicating tests and investigations.

    Please note that under current circumstances a majority of appointments are offered as telephone calls and video calls to protect both the safety of patients and staff. Face to Face appointments arranged in circumstances that require them.

  • Pain Services
  • Our community pain teams are made up of pain consultants, specialist physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, nurse specialists, specialist occupational therapists, CBT therapists, GP’s and pharmacists. Everyone specialises in persistent pain and works closely as a team to support people living with pain. Our team will help you find ways to manage your pain and lead a better quality of life. They can help you start doing more of what matters to you without making the pain worse and to manage flare-ups. The team can also support you with the emotional impact of living with pain.

    As well as one to one support from our team of experts as named above, we offer:

    • Individual Self-management appointments
    • CBT and other psychologically informed sessions
    • Medication reviews

    All above available as either telephone or video calls. Face to face appointments arranged as required.

    • 18-hour pain management programmes, currently online.
    • Evidence-based injection interventions if appropriate.

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Meet your North Manchester team

Katie Baxter

Operations Manager

Karen Bradbury

Regional Clinical Lead

Nita Smeeton

Team Leader


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