Hip pain is a commonly reported problem in a variety of ages groups, often with different causes.

It is not unusual for problems of the hip to manifest as pain in the groin, back, buttock, and in some cases the knee and lower leg. As with most musculoskeletal conditions, the severity of pain can vary widely, but pain is not always an accurate representation of serious pathology.

First line management usually involves your GP/Pharmacist who can provide advice regarding simple analgesia. Remaining as active as you can is helpful, however, hip pain which persists despite first line care may benefit from the input of your local physiotherapy team. Below are some resources which outline the type of care you should expect to be involved in during your rehabilitation.





Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome patient information leaflet

Osteoarthritis of the hip patient information leaflet

Osteoarthritis of the hip information

Lateral hip pain information



OA Optimism

Exercises for hip, muscle and joint problems

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