Elbow/Hand & Wrist

Wear and tear (degeneration) in your hand, wrist or elbow is a normal part of ageing and avoiding movement and general physical activity is not advised unless recommended by a Physiotherapist. It is, however, advisable to manage your condition using the POLICE principle under the guidance of a physiotherapist. These injuries are often due to repetitive overloading activities, without adequate arm strength.

The resources below provide information on the many reasons people develop Elbow/Hand & Wrist problems, and the steps you can take to assist your recovery. It may also help to discuss some of the information in this section with your Physiotherapist.


Tennis Elbow – Patient Information Leaflet


Elbow Pain Pathway

North Kirklees Elbow Pathway

Hand & Wrist Pain Pathway

North Kirklees Hand & Wrist Pathway

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