Access to Health Records

Please complete the details requested on the form found at the bottom of this page and return to the department address detailed within the document.

Subject Access Request Form

Please follow the link below to download the necessary form for you to access your health records where you will prompt to complete the details requested on this form and return to the relevant department that is specified on the document.

Please note that if you are making an application on behalf of somebody else we require evidence of your authority to do so i.e. signed consent, personal authority, court order etc.

When Will the Information Be Released

The Organisation will deal with your request promptly, and in any event the records will be sent to you within 28 days of receipt of your accurately completed form. If we encounter any difficulties in locating your data we will keep you informed of our progress.

Amending Information Within Your Record

Individuals do not have a right to have professional opinions or judgements deleted from the record, unless the entry is factually incorrect. However, if you disagree with any content of the record, you can ask to have a statement added to reflect your opinions. You are entitled to a copy of what has been added.

Important Information

All documents are sent by Royal Mail signed delivery.

Subject Access Request Form

If you have queries and want to contact us directly please email