Win for HR Team at CIPD People Management Awards 2020

We’re delighted that our colleague development initiative Bee Who You Want to Be, in collaboration with Tailored Thinking, has been awarded Best HR/L&D Consultancy at the CIPD People Management Awards 2020.

30 September 2020

Taking into account our goal to move to more frequent staff appraisals, Tailored Thinking supported Connect Health’s HR team to develop a business case for empowering employees to shape their own roles, which led to the development of a 3 stage model.

Pilots involving more than 60 employees took place, explaining to employees: “We want you to explore ways to change, improve and personalise aspects of your job, shaping your work to make the best use of your skills and strengths.” 100% of participants endorsed the use of job crafting, and 98% said they could apply the concept of job crafting to their own role.

Follow-up workshops and questionnaires showed that 88% of participants had actively applied job crafting in their roles compared to traditional learning transfer rates of circa 38%.

At the second, review stage, feedback was analysed and the executive board and employee representatives introduced the initiative organisation wide. The final stage involved Tailored Thinking designing a series of job crafting questions and activities which could be used at scheduled quarterly check-ins between team leaders and employees. Each quarter involved a different job crafting theme including conversations about activity and tasks, responsibility, development, relationships and wellbeing. At the end of each of these conversations, employees set a small job crafting goal.

Sarah Dewar, Director of People said;

Job crafting gives people permission and encouragement to innovate and share ideas about how work can be improved. It allows us to tap into and benefit from the diverse strengths, talents and experiences of our colleagues.

Read more on the initiative on the CIPD People Management Awards website


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