New web resource aims to flip people’s understanding of pain

Flippin’ Pain™, a Connect Health initiative, has a new website co-produced by those who live with persistent pain and healthcare professionals.

3 June 2020

Relevant and relatable to anyone affected by pain, the website has a clear goal – to change the way people think about, talk about and treat persistent pain.

Between 30-50% of people in UK are believed to suffer from persistent pain and there are strong associations with anxiety and depression, long-term work absence and a host of other physical and mental health conditions.

Richard Pell, Campaign Director says

We’ve worked hard to produce a website that offers high-quality, evidence-based resources for people living with persistent pain whilst also being a platform for showcasing past and future Flippin’ Pain events. It’sa significant step in making the key messages of the campaign accessible to all and supporting people to improve their understanding of persistent pain and how tomanage it.

Prof. Cormac Ryan, Community Pain Champion added

The website is an important resource for all of us. Broadly speaking, public understanding, and indeed many healthcare professionals’ understand, of persistent pain is significantly out of sync with the best scientific evidence about pain. In fact, many things that scientists have known about pain for decades have yet to filter through to the patients and clinicians at the coalface of pain management. The Flippin’ Pain campaign aims to change that; to bring a modern, scientifically informed understanding of pain to the masses.

Sarah-Jane Mills, Chief Operating Officer NHS Lincolnshire CCG said:

We understand that living with chronic pain often prevents people from enjoying everyday activities that some of us can take for granted. We are delighted that the Flippin’ Pain website will be available for people across Lincolnshire so that they can access information and support to help them manage their pain so that they can enjoy life.

Tess Sanderson from Spalding in Lincolnshire tells us why she was impressed with the new resource

“I was really attracted by the vibrant, clear colours and typeface immediately. The next thing that really stood out to me was the clear way that information was set out – the categories of Understanding Pain, Moving towards Recovery and the section for Healthcare Professionals are useful and practical.

It is very important to me that Healthcare Professionals can access information that relates to me as a patient and as someone in pain but informs their professional opinions and helps them find relevant options for treatment. Bringing patients and healthcare professionals together in this space is a good idea to take pain management forward, giving the patient a true involvement in their own care.

The options to read information, watch videos and learn really helps give me choice of taking on information, depending on how I am feeling on a given day – and takes into account how different people learn too. Having stories where real people talk about their pain, how they are finding strategies to cope with it and live their lives fully, really helps put it into perspective, giving others ideas and hope about their own situation.”

Carolyn Johnson, from Skegness in Lincolnshire adds her thoughts on the new website

“I have been living with pain for many years. I am so very glad to see a website that is supportive and understanding of people who have chronic pain. To be able to find out ways of helping me and gaining knowledge is so needed. Sometimes when reading books about pain it can be too technical and you feel overwhelmed, so to have a website that explains things in a way you understand is very helpful.

Having pain is very isolating and you do feel that you are alone. Family try to support you but don’t really “get it”, so it’s great to meet people here who really do understand – this makes you feel you are not on your own. I personally have taken the view that I am in control of my learning and finding ways to create better habits. Flippin’ Pain shows you how pain works and ways that you can help yourself.  It’s so important to be in charge of your own pain control.”

The resource is designed for those living with pain, but will also be of real interest to those supporting others with their persistent pain such as friends, family and healthcare professionals.

We urge anyone affected by pain to take a look around and explore the content which covers useful, frequently asked questions, an intriguing myth buster, a detailed section on understanding your pain and moving towards recovery, rich and meaningful real life stories, events and news.

Things to check out:
  • Watch the videos and read the people stories
  • Check out the myth busters
  • Explore the Useful Resources
  • Learn about the campaign and those behind it
  • Join the mailing list to keep informed of events, webinars and the Peloton and contribute your stories

Flippin’ Pain™ is a public health campaign, championed by Connect Health the largest, independent provider of integrated community musculoskeletal (MSK) and pain services in the UK and supported by NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Groups.