Clinical Psychologist Recruitment Crisis In Pain Services

The ninth webinar in the series, ‘Clinical Psychologist Recruitment Crisis In Pain Services‘ took place on Wednesday 24 February, learn more about the event and watch the webinar in full:

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The Event

Our panel of clinical and industry experts joined us in conversation on Wednesday 24 February 2021 for the ninth in our series of FREE, live webinars.

The Agenda

12.30: Gail Sowden, National Lead for Pain, Connect Health and Chair of a British Pain Society SIG – introduction from the Chair

12.40: Dr Tess Maguire, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Tutor for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Southampton, Clinical Director

12.50: Nikki Ellis, Patient Champion, Wolverhampton Pain Service – With lived experience of pain, Nikki will talk about her experience and the role of clinical psychologists.

13.00: Dr Lizzie Doherr, Clinical Psychologist, Lincolnshire Pain Management Service, Connect Health – A day in the life of a pain psychologist

13.10: Prof Lance McCracken, Professor of Clinical Psychology, and Head of the Division of Clinical Psychology, at Uppsala University in Sweden

13.20: Q&A

13.45: End


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Dr Tess Maguire

Nikki Ellis

Dr Lizzie Doherr

Prof Lance McCracken

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