Hertfordshire Talking Therapies compliant Counselling Service

Connect Health commenced working as part of the Hertfordshire Talking Therapies Counselling Service Framework in May 2021.

In Hertfordshire, the Council’s vision and overall aim is that people experiencing mental health issues can access timely and responsive emotional and/or mental health support delivered through evidence based Talking Therapies (formerly IAPT) compliant counselling therapies.

Connect Health is delighted to be part of the Hertfordshire Talking Therapies Counselling Service Framework. Working in partnership with other Talking Therapies providers, Connect Health delivers free Talking Therapies compliant counselling for adults and young people aged sixteen and over living in Hertfordshire with common mental health problems.


Challenges in Hertfordshire prior to the new approach

  • There are approximately 137,300 adults* with common mental health disorders

*within the East and North Herts Clinical Commissioning Group (ENCCG) and Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (HVCCG) areas in 2020.

  • The current target for both ENCCG and HVCCG for people accessing the Talking Therapies programme in 2020/21 is currently set nationally at of the community prevalence with 25% common mental health disorders and is expected to increase year on year. 
  • At least 4% of the 25% in Hertfordshire is expected to be delivered through Talking Therapies compliant Counselling Services covered by this Framework Agreement.


The Solution

We deliver Talking Therapies compliant Counselling Services to individuals experiencing mental distress in relation to common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression which may also be linked to a physical health condition.

Counselling sessions are delivered face to face, over the telephone or via other digital modes. Our aim is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of adults by providing them with an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more resourcefully and with a greater sense of wellbeing using ‘talking therapies’.

Connect Health places clients at the centre of their care by enabling choice and ensuring that their needs are met. Clients are empowered to take ownership of their mental health, self-manage where possible and access appropriate support and resources specific to their needs.

Our significant experience in Long Term Condition management (MSK and Pain) facilitates meeting national Talking Therapies focus on LTC. We work in partnership with Talking Therapies services to provide Talking Therapies counselling which improves patient choice and reduces wait times for patients entering treatment.

Shazna Khanom, Director of Mental Health Services, Connect Health



Why work with Connect Health?



Working in partnership


We have a range of services that allow us to promote positive mental health in our communities including charitable counselling provision and therapeutic training courses. Working together with Connect Health as providers of Talking Therapies services we work in partnership, sharing information to ensure that clients are seen as quickly as possible and we do what we can to minimise waiting lists across the local area. We, alongside Connect Health, see this joint working as leading practice for providers commissioned to deliver services to the NHS. We hope to see increased joint working across the UK as collaborative partner working is one of the ambitions quoted in the NHS five year plan for adult mental health transformation.

Emma Branch, Chief Executive, The Counselling Foundation


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