Having the drive to help people is rewarding and keeps me going.

Kane Bertram, Junior Application Support Analyst at Connect Health, tells us about how he started out in Patient Care Coordination and progressed to his current position in Information Management Technology.

8 February 2023

I originally set out to go into engineering

I took a course in engineering after graduating from school but as it progressed, I realised it wasn’t the right path for me and I pursued different roles. I found an apprenticeship at a family run law firm as a paralegal. It was a growing business which was centred around helping people and my responsibilities included aiding people to buy properties and assisting with immigration requests.


I discovered I was more interested in business than in law

After completing my apprenticeship at the law firm, I worked with the company for another year before applying for a Patient Care Advisor (PCA) vacancy at Connect Health in 2017. I discovered that my passion was more for helping people using systems rather than in a paralegal capacity.


After 3 years I progressed from a PCA to a Quality Support Advisor

It seemed like the right move for me as I’d got to know the role of a PCA very well and moving to the role of Quality Support Advisor (QSA) seemed like the natural next step. I knew the team well and so when I was then offered the position of Team Leader I accepted. The support I received from the other team leaders and the head of the Patient Care Coordination team was phenomenal. However I ultimately decided that my interests lay more in technology and using systems to create a better experience for patients and colleagues, which is what I was doing as a QSA.


Working in PCC had its challenging moments but knowing that you’ve helped a patient to the best of your ability makes it all worth it.


Assisting people on their journey from joining Connect Health as a temp to securing a permanent role is something I’m particularly proud of

As a QSA, I was responsible for training the people within the Patient Care Coordination team. I managed the temporary PCAs and was responsible for making sure they were meeting the right criteria. It was fantastic when I got to see a colleague through from their first day to them receiving a permanent position.


I started checking out the internal jobs on the Connect Health website

I was ready for a new challenge and so when I found a Junior Application Support Analyst vacancy within the IM&T team I applied for it and was offered the position in August 2022. Although it is similar to my role as a QSA, there is still a lot for me to learn and new challenges to overcome. I really enjoy learning how the systems work.


Connect Health is growing as a business and I plan to keep growing with it

I am keen to see what else I can offer the business in other roles once I’ve conquered this one.


It’s been really interesting to see the business from an IT perspective. I’d used all the systems before but my role as Junior Application Support Analyst shines a new light on how it all fits together.


Connect Health puts people first to create a better quality of life

Not only does Connect support patients, but it also promotes a happier and healthier lifestyle for colleagues too. Connect is very people driven, the people are friendly and supportive, and the partnership with the NHS means that you can apply for a Blue Light card which offers various discounts across food and retail! I’ve also taken advantage of the Cycle to Work scheme and the day off on your birthday is an added bonus.


The support is there to help you get to where you want to go

My advice to someone looking to join Connect is to go for it! There’s lots of ways in which you can progress, either within the team you joined or by moving to other departments. If you are looking to try something new, the different teams are there to support you throughout the transition.


It is great to see our colleagues grow their skills and when people access secondments to broaden their experience, it quite often leads to future internal career progression which are the stories we are really proud of. – Becky Robson, Chief People Officer at Connect Health


If you’d like to find out more about working at Connect Health, contact people@connecthealth.co.uk

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