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Clinical NHS Patient Outcomes

Herts Valleys Community Integrated Musculoskeletal (MSK), Rheumatology, Pain and Postural Stability Service

14 December 2020

With increasing pressure on the NHS, innovation is key in order to preserve services for future generations.

Clinical Patient Information

Understanding Lower Back Pain at Work: Is bending our spines bad for us?

6 October 2020

This Backcare Awareness Week our National Clinical Education Lead, Ash James, discusses the impact posture and manual handling can have on our backs and highlights some common misconceptions about best practice.

Clinical NHS Patient Outcomes

Data – can we really make informed decisions without it?

17 September 2020

In this case study, Danielle Chulan, Deputy Director of NHS Services, Connect Health describes the importance of having good data at our fingertips to make better decisions.

Clinical NHS

I love to see the changes we help people to make to their lives, and the benefits in terms of how they feel

1 September 2020

Dr Lizzie Doherr, Clinical Lead for Pain Psychology, Lincolnshire Pain Management Service, describes the advantages of moving out of her comfort zone to Connect Health after 20 years in one organisation.

Clinical Well-being

Coming out of Lockdown

27 August 2020

Tripti Gyan, Senior Physiotherapist in Occupational Health, shares her reflections of lockdown and provides helpful clinical advice for those affected by physical deconditioning.

Clinical NHS

Connect Health has a can-do culture, that’s really focused on continual improvement and investing in its people. There’s just so much opportunity

8 August 2020

Emily Byatt, Service Manager, Lincolnshire Community Pain Management Service talks about how the values at Connect Health attracted her to take on a new role and reinvigorated her passion for healthcare delivery.