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Integrated Musculoskeletal Service

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Our Herts Valleys Services

The local services in your area include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy for MSK conditions involves the assessment and treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, spinal discs, nerves and other structures to keep you moving.

  • PhysioLine
  • In some cases, your GP may refer you to PhysioLine; a contact and assessment service completed over the phone by a Chartered Physiotherapist. PhysioLine has proven to be an extremely effective way for patients to speak with a physiotherapist quickly (usually within 2-4 days) and start managing their problem straightaway. By using PhysioLine you can access specialist guidance and support, while causing as little disruption as possible to your normal routine.

  • CATS
  • Our Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (CATS) is designed for people for whom physiotherapy is not appropriate. This could be for a number of reasons; it could be that their physiotherapy treatment has not been successful, or that their diagnosis is unclear and they need further, more specialist intervention. The CATS service can also order diagnostic tests, such as MRI scans or X-rays if appropriate.

  • Rheumatology
  • This is a unique service designed to deliver care differently, with the needs of Rheumatology patients at the forefront of our minds.

  • Hand Therapy
  • Hand therapy is the therapeutic management of hand disorders and injuries using such methods as exercise, splinting (this may be custom-made), wound care, swelling management and hands on treatments. We focus on restoring movement, strength and function. Hand Therapy plays a crucial role in the recovery from injury or surgery. We work closely with the Hand Surgery Team at local hospitals to ensure you receive therapy at a specific time after surgery or injury and to ensure your ongoing care is effective.

  • Pain Service
  • Our community pain teams are made up of medical consultants, specialist physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and nurse specialists. Everyone specialises in chronic pain and works closely as a team to support people struggling to live with this. Unfortunately it is not always possible to cure pain but our team will help you find ways to manage your pain and lead a better quality of life. They can help you start doing more of what matters to you without making the pain worse and to manage flare ups. The team can also support you with the emotional impact of living with pain.

  • Group Classes
  • In addition to 1-to-1 sessions with clinicians, patients can be seen in group setting for either Exercise Classes or for Educational Seminars (this will be specific to each location). If an Exercise Class or Educational Seminar is appropriate for your condition, your clinician will discuss this with you as a possible option for your ongoing care. Exercise Classes are run by Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Therapists and/or Physiotherapy Assistants and with a set programme of exercises that help patients progress to gain strength, flexibility, or muscle control to enable patients to self-manage their conditions. Educational Seminars are information sessions where a Physiotherapist will provide information to a group of patients on a certain topic such as lower back pain and tips on coping and self-management. Clinicians and patients discuss together the need for 1-to-1 treatment or whether a group setting may be more effective. A group setting can be helpful for patients to see other people with the same condition and our Exercise Classes and Educational Seminars are well rated by our patients.

  • Postural Stability
  • Postural Stability rehabilitation is an evidence-based exercise programme proven to help to prevent and reduce the occurrence of falls for those aged 65 years and over. The Postural Stability service helps to increase participant’s strength, balance and confidence thus helping to improve participants mobility, confidence and independence. The Postural Stability service can provide: • An individual assessment by a qualified therapist-over the phone or in person, to ensure you are suitable for the program and your goals are discussed • A 12-week exercise programme at varied locations including local health clinics or fully equipped local gyms • Telephone follow up following completion of the programme to provide continued support • Health and Wellbeing advice and provision of community resource information. • Exercise sheets, videos, web-based resources

Meet your Herts Valleys team

Chandrasekhar Dekka

Clinical Lead and Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist

Corey Harding

Service Manager

Average wait times

Please see below average wait times based on appointments over the last quarter.

First face to face physiotherapy appointment - 10 days

Clinical Assessment and Treatment Services (CATS) - 2 days

Rheumatology service - 2 days

Pain service - 8 days

Rehab therapist/gym - 1 day