Pain affects us all at times, and the reasons behind it can be complex and sometimes confusing, particularly if there is no obvious cause, or if it persists beyond the expected healing time of an injury.

There is still much to be discovered about pain, but we do know that the intensity or even the site of pain isn’t necessarily a reflection of damage to the tissues. Studies have shown that understanding pain can help with recovery.

The resources in this section will provide you with some information about pain, and help you better understand your treatment plan, for example why a scan might not help explain your pain, or why exercise is the best course of action.


Understanding Persistent Pain

Understanding pain in less than five minutes: Take a look at this Australian animation explaining persistent pain.

Understanding persistent pain: Read through this informative leaflet that helps explain persistent pain and what might help.

Understanding persistent pain


Pain Toolkit:  Take a look at this website for pain self-management guides, resources and workshops

The Pain Toolkit

Reading Well Books on Prescription: Download these online books to help understand and manage health and well-being.

Self help books

Self help books for young people


Patient Support

Pain Concern: This website contains a range of resources, including a helpline and online forum, to support people living with pain.

Pain Concern


NHS Medicines: This section of the NHS Choices website is an A-Z of all medicines and information regarding its use, effectiveness, side effects and FAQs.

Medicine A-Z

Opioids aware: This website by the Faculty of Pain Medicine provides information about opioids and the associated risks.

Opioids Aware

Drugs and driving – the law: This website outlines the UK law with regards to drugs and driving.

Drugs and Driving


Health and work: This leaflet provides practical advice on overcoming obstacles to recovery and work.

Health and Work


Headspace: This website offers a free trial of mindfulness audio recordings and access to the Headspace app.


Life Happens, Mindfulness: This website provides free mindfulness audio clips which can also be downloaded.

Life Happens

Oxford Mindfulness Centre: This website provides free online mindfulness sessions.

Oxford Mindfulness


Getting a Good Nights Sleep: This evidence-based leaflet provides information and advice about sleep.

Getting a Good Nights Sleep

Sleep Council: The Sleep Council are the national body for sleep health. They provide practical advice and support to help people adopt healthier sleep habits.

The Sleep Council

Sleep Foundation: The Sleep Foundation provide information about sleep science and health.

The Sleep Foundation




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