Pain affects us all at times, and the reasons behind it can be complex and sometimes confusing, particularly if there is no obvious cause, or if it persists beyond the expected healing time of an injury.

There is still much to be discovered about pain, but we do know that the intensity or even the site of pain isn’t necessarily a reflection of damage to the tissues. Studies have shown that understanding pain can help with recovery.

The resources in this section will provide you with some information about pain, and help you better understand your treatment plan, for example why a scan might not help explain your pain, or why exercise is the best course of action.





The Pain Toolkit

Is your house getting robbed? Anxiety and musculoskeletal pain

Pain Science Workbook

A 10 minute guide to understanding pain and what to do about it

Pain Health Website

Tame the Beast – It’s time to rethink persistent pain



Tasmania – Understanding persistent pain

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