A clinically-led chat-bot support tool providing an agile, remote triage for musculoskeletal conditions.


A clinically-led chat-bot support tool providing an agile, remote triage for musculoskeletal conditions.

The right care, at the right time, for the right person

PhysioNow, built in partnership with EQL, is a triage application that provides initial contact with a patient within a digital Physiotherapy pathway. Powered by Phio, our clinicians have optimised PhysioNow for our patients and are constantly reviewing and refining powerful decision trees and sophisticated algorithms to guide users to the appropriate pathways, providing immediate remote access to physiotherapy treatment and advice.

Access to the app can be from self-referral, referral from a GP, or healthcare professional, patients details will be registered and a link sent via text message or email. Users will then be able to remotely access an initial assessment 24/7 from anywhere, addressing apprehension from patients in accessing face-to-face services.

The science behind PhysioNow

Compared with other tools on the market, which may only contain up to 10 questions, this tool has the intelligence to adapt to more than 3,000 scenarios. Connect Health and EQL have together developed and tested PhysioNow, with senior clinical input to ensure safety, accuracy of decision making, clinical quality and effectiveness, making it one of the most advanced and comprehensive digital tools in the field of MSK physiotherapy.

Launched in NHS services across the country, the app will improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency and fast-track patient care.

Patient resources

Patient information on PhysioNow can be found here:

PhysioNow for Patients


In addition to PhysioNow, Connect Health provides a range of digital tools including:

  • PhysioLine – physiotherapy assessment and early intervention by telephone introduced by Connect Health over two decades ago.
  • Physitrack – web and iOS-based high-quality exercises and patient information, where patients can engage visually with a clinician, watch video demonstrations of their prescribed exercises and record compliance.
  • Patient Portal – enabling patients to manage appointments with one click from their smartphone.
  • Virtual physiotherapy service – rapidly scaled up with home working in mind and proving to be a vital and practical way of supporting a wide range of patients, NHS colleagues and other key workers who are going above and beyond every day.

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