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Wigan Council Case Study

Connect Health, in partnership with HML, have been providing expert occupational physiotherapy services to
Wigan Council since January 2012. The service has been highly effective in reducing MSD sickness absence
and prevention, and remains popular, trusted and highly regarded by Wigan employees and managers alike.


For over 5 years, Connect have worked closely with key council stakeholders to ensure fast track access to specialist occupational physiotherapy, delivered by experienced clinicians, was available to all council employees. With the aim of the service to prevent sickness absence, we provided a number of clinicians with an indepth understanding of council people, processes, working environments and business culture, to provide an integrated approach.

In addition to an occupational physiotherapy service, we regularly supported the Council with bespoke, physio led health promotion
/ MSD campaigns, as well as manager training sessions in effective MSD management and ergonomic risk assessment.

Changing need

We work with Wigan council to constantly adapt and evolve services to changing council needs. Recent innovations include the creation of an additional dedicated onsite physiotherapy clinic at the Makerfield Depot and more recently Wigan Campus.

This originated following a collaborative review of Connect management information, which is provided quarterly to ascertain and act
upon key trends, and facilitated enhanced access to an employee group with unique needs.


The occupational physiotherapy service, which has been aligned specifically to business, health, safety and well-being objectives, saves the council on average over £100,000 a year through MSD sickness absence and prevention, representing an average of £5 saved for every £1 invested.

Relationships and service delivery aspects are strong and continually reviewed through our robust employee/customer feedback mechanism, which is presently tracking at an overall service rating of 99% satisfaction.

“ Absolutely brilliant service, really transformed my life!”

Wigan Council Employee

Connect On-site Service Benefits

  • Reduce and prevent MSD-related sickness absence
  • Facilitate and expedite return to work of MSD cases
  • Improve employee productivity and performance
  • Support employee health and wellbeing
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Introduce proactive initiatives to prevent future MSDs
  • Significantly reduce the financial costs associated with MSDs

“ The physio was great; very pleasant, easy to talk to and excellent at his job. Thank you for everything.”

Wigan Council Employee

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