Why Connect

Working together to achieve financial savings, better employee outcomes, innovative solutions and proactive musculoskeletal disorders management. Click on the tabs below to learn more about how we offer a range of benefits

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Why Connect

Working together to achieve financial savings, better employee outcomes, innovative solutions and proactive musculoskeletal disorders management. Click on the tabs below to learn more about how we offer a range of benefits

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Financial Savings
We significantly reduce costs associated with MSD absence

Sickness absence cost UK businesses an average of £522 per case

• Organisations we work with benefit from the positive contribution that our joint focus on employee health makes to the delivery of higher quality and lower cost services.

• As a minimum we save £4 for every £1 invested in our occupational health physiotherapy services

“£13 saved for every £1 spent on absence reduction and prevention at Pladis”
Read the full United Biscuits case study 

“Connect’s onsite physiotherapy service was effectively & efficiently implemented and resulted in a 40% reduction in absence from work due to musculoskeletal disorders, within the first 4 months of service.”
Amanda Knowles, Previous HR Manager, Fox’s Biscuits

“Connect has provided a professional on-site service for over 10 years. They are flexible to the needs of the business and provide a first-class treatment. As a result, the service far outweighs the cost, with savings of £40-50k made every year.”
Christopher Fairs, Human Resource Manager, Caterpillar

“MSD absence has reduced by 51% in last year implying a cost-saving of £120k pa.”
Read the full Torus Group case study

Proactive MSD Management
Prevention and reduction of MSD sickness absence, improved employee productivity and performance, a range of preventative services

MSD is the 2nd biggest cause of days lost in work after cough and colds

  • We deliver proactive workplace assessments to assist in reducing risk, improve working practices and reduce the reoccurrence of MSDs
  • We offer engagement, training, and education in effective MSD management and prevention at all levels. Treatment, training and courses are delivered in a variety of places including the workplace, clinics, gyms online and over the phone
  • With arguably the largest collection of MSK data in the world we are providing pioneering data collection techniques enabling us to demonstrate the true value of what we do.

“Over 50% reduction in MSD related sickness absence over a two year period and 75% reduction in sickness absence for low back pain in 2016 compared to 2012.”
Read the full 2 Sisters Food Group case study

“51% reduction in MSD absence – Ave days lost due to MSD prior to new programme being put in place was 1.79 per 6 month period. After new programme average number of days off work reduced by 51% down to 0.88 days over a 6 month period.”
Read the full Torus case study

“Connect undertakes extra initiatives to support our overall health and well-being strategy. The team are very proactive and professional, providing us with invaluable support, assisting with Merseyrail’s overall goal to ensure we all remain fit for the future.” HR Business Partner, Merseyrail | Read full MerseyRail case study

Employee Outcomes
Consistently high employee engagement and satisfaction, engagement, training and empowerment

A recent study found that 33.9% of older adults (over 50) with MSD pain also have persistent anxiety issues and 22% have a persistent depression problem
Source: HSE

  • We are specialists in engagement, training and education of effective MSD management and prevention
  • We provide specialist treatment and rehabilitation that empowers the employee to understand, manage and prevent the problem
  • We have strong core values: people-centered, pioneering, quality, dynamic

“I feel the exercises contributed to making my hands better and made the work I was doing easier. I found this very helpful and continue to do these exercises to help prevent my symptoms.”
Production Operator, 2 Sisters Food Group

“97% employee satisfaction rates”
Read the full Torus Group case study  here

“I had a really positive service. Friendly team, excellent advice, easy to follow an exercise plan and a follow-up plan agreed. Highly recommended.”
Caroline King – Group Head of Brand and Engagement | Torus Group case study  

“After my accident, I sat at home for weeks and weeks, thinking my life’s over. Your Occupational Health department helped throughout the long road to recovery, showing me loads of empathy and I can’t thank them enough.”
Bill, Durham County Council approved awaiting the link

Occupational Health physiotherapy specialism, biopsychosocial approach, promotion of health and wellbeing in and out of work

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires that all employers assess the risks to the health and safety of their employees while they are at work.

  • All our occupational health physiotherapists are Chartered Physiotherapists, members of ACPOHE and registered with the Health Care Professionals Council
  • We have an established track record, working with over 100 businesses and 19 NHS contracts, using employed staff, over 30 years
  • Connect Health has an occupational health physiotherapy specialism and a wide-ranging customer portfolio covering almost every business sector

“Connect is a highly skilled and knowledgeable business and provides a first-class occupational physiotherapy service”
Read the full Torus Group case study here

“The onsite physiotherapy service provided by Connect has enabled the site to reduce absence related to upper limb disorders by 77% over 3 years.”
HR Business Partner, 2 Sisters Food Group 

“There has been a reduction of injuries and claims related to musculoskeletal disorders, by in excess of 10% in 2017/18.”
Group Claims Defensibility & Risk Manager, 2 Sisters Food Group

“I have worked closely with Connect Health and have found them to be a proactive, professional and forward-thinking company who fully support our health & wellbeing agenda. They are committed to helping us to reduce sickness absence costs to our organisation.”
Wellbeing Coordinator, OD & Strategy Team, Wigan Council

Innovative MSD solutions including digital, telehealth, self-assessment, bespoke exercise videos

Digital health is the norm for many individuals 

  • Our systems and data exposes outlying clinical performance providing the tools to leaders to affect change, identifying areas for improvement when compared to their peers
  • We have huge intrinsic knowledge of the working environment and are able to build innovative programmes, for example an extension of preventative services to further reduce MSDs,
  • We are able to bring innovative ideas and are constantly looking at different ways to provide effective service delivery utilising the latest technology and new initiatives to address the aging workforce and wider health and wellbeing promotion.

“We have introduced a new electronic diary system for referrals and appointments. This is a bespoke software system, giving quicker access to appointments and reporting.”

The average time lost for an MSD disorder in the UK is 15 days; screening can, therefore, have a considerable return on investment by intervening at an early stage. Projects have demonstrated a return on investment of 15:1, meaning a £15 saving to the business for every £1 spent.

Connect is developing further its online self- assessment tool, underpinned by a robust clinical algorithm. This supports employees with immediate, appropriate advice and effective signposting for further support where required.

The use of online assessment, in conjunction with interactive exercise prescription and telehealth, is aimed at reducing face to face appointments and subsequently, potentially reducing costs to clients.”

Read the full Torus Group case study here

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