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Proactively improving the health and wellbeing of Merseyrail employees

Connect Health have been providing specialist Occupational Health (OH) Physiotherapy services to Merseyrail since January 2014. Regular, weekly occupational health physiotherapy has been implemented to assist in the reduction of sickness absence relating to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s), and a need to proactively improve the health and wellbeing of employees.


The service implemented at Merseyrail was designed to address the health and wellbeing needs of all employees from proactive, preventative health and wellbeing services through to rehabilitation services, supporting employees with chronic MSD’s and long-term absence.

With employee health and wellbeing needs at the forefront, we tailored specific services to support the company with the management of MSDs, focusing on education and promoting self management.

The service to date has saved Merseyrail over £150k per annum


The service includes:

  • Functional assessment and rehabilitation ensuring sustained return to work
  • Employee led assessments aimed at supporting employees within the workplace
  • In depth ergonomic risk assessments, supporting the Health and safety community, reducing ergonomic risk and improving compliance
  • Health promotion activities relating to the rail industry employees


During our time at Merseyrail we have successfully integrated services and engaged with Human Resources, Occupational Health, Health and Safety and Line Management. This integration has ensured that there is an efficient process for referring staff, strong communication pathways and a proactive approach to the prevention and management of MSDs.

The service to date has saved Merseyrail over £150k per annum through MSD sickness absence and prevention, which equates to an average saving of £4 saved for every £1 invested

“Excellent service, professional, polite and friendly, with excellent professional knowledge.”

Merseyrail employee

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