The Impact of Covid-19 – Transitioning from the short term fix to long term solution

The Impact of Covid-19 – Transitioning from the short term fix to long term solution

Understandably there is still real concern over Covid-19, however the risk of musculoskeletal conditions haven’t gone away.

Whether colleagues continue to work remotely or return to the workplace, the significant decline in musculoskeletal health needs to be addressed beyond the ‘temporary fix’ approach that has understandably prevailed during the worst of the crisis.


Supporting HR professionals

View our fact sheet which details the top 5 challenges HR teams have faced throughout the pandemic and discover the impact Covid-19 has had on the mental and physical health of employees.

As we move towards the ‘new normal’ with higher levels of working from home and staff wellbeing being a major priority, it’s really important to seek out cost effective solutions with a much deeper collaboration with occupational health physiotherapy providers to proactively manage risks.

Connect Health supports many organisations in the prevention and effective management of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace.

We provide expertise to manage a variety of niggles, aches, pains and anxieties, which have been aggravated by ongoing restrictions, helping to prevent long-term health issues. We work in areas such as food manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, call centres to constabulary and anything in between.

Connect Health are extremely flexible in their approach. The organisation & employees have benefited significantly from the remote services that have been delivered in recent weeks.

The services have assisted in reducing musculoskeletal related sickness absence, increased engagement and improved the health & wellbeing of employees.

– Vera Bole, Senior HR Advisor at West Lothian Council


Occupational Health Physiotherapy Services

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Connect Health is one of the largest occupational health physiotherapy providers in the UK. We understand both the employer and employee perspective. With an established track record over 30 years, we work with over 100 businesses and NHS contracts in the prevention and effective management of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) within the workplace.

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