Gold standard for security certification achieved in just 6 months

Connect Health achieves the international information standard ISO27001 for their occupational health services function.

Connect Health, a leading community services provider, achieves the international information standard ISO27001 for their occupational health services function.

The right levels of governance and control are vital, and it is not uncommon for cyberattacks to be responsible for causing widespread disruption. Connect Health is proud of its processes in this area but was keen to strive for the gold standard. The achievement of ISO27001 certification, demonstrates Connect’s commitment to establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS).

The project commenced in December 2020 and a team of experts were mobilised with the support of Sapphire, specialists in cybersecurity. Over the course of 6 months, a full review commenced on the information security system and existing policies, and an audit took place by the British Assessment Bureau in June. No non-conformities (minor or major) were received, and only 6 opportunities for improvement were recommended – this is a fantastic outcome for Connect Health OHS. A project of this scale usually takes 18 months to complete, but the team completed the project within 6 months.


Graeme Fletcher, Chief Information Officer, Connect Health commented;

This certification confirms our ongoing commitment to creating a systematic approach to the implementation, monitoring and improvement of security processes. I’m so impressed by the great team effort and achieving certification in such a short period of time. Importantly, ISO27001 isn’t just a ‘one-off’ audit, but an ongoing process of continuous improvement and we’re committed to rolling it out across the rest of the organisation.


Connect Health will continue to strive for an optimal position in the way information security is managed as the organisation continues to grow. As well as embedding and maturing the new ISMS framework, work continues to mobilise resources in order to extend the certification across the rest of Connect Health by the end of the year.


Helen Faulds, Head of IM&T, Connect Health added;

It was great to play a part in the success of the project. I was extremely impressed by the hard work and commitment by everyone involved, as well as the collaborate approach between Connect Health colleagues and our partners at Sapphire.


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