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New Consultant Physiotherapists join Connect

23 May 2017

Connect Health is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Consultant Physiotherapist - Matthew Wyatt.

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With only around 60 Consultant Physiotherapists in the UK, this is a great step forward for Connect Health, the largest specialised provider of community musculoskeletal (MSK) services in the UK, demonstrating that an independent healthcare organisation can offer these opportunities.

Commenting on the appointment, Connect’s Executive Chair, Prof Andrew Walton says

“We are proud to have attracted two very talented individuals, supporting the growth of forward looking leaders to our clinical team, who really care about the profession. The creation of consultant roles in Connect, which will grow in number over time, bring additional clinical expertise to help drive up standards, supporting our aim to improve patient outcomes by reducing variation in physiotherapy clinical skills, and ensure we cut out un-necessary onward referrals to diagnostics and out-patients and hence the potential reduction in avoidable surgery.”

Connect has grown from a single private clinic to being the largest provider of community musculoskeletal physiotherapy services to the NHS and corporates, with over 230 clinical experts in MSK. The business provides bespoke occupational services to organisations and are a trusted and longstanding provider of 19 community service contracts across the country for the NHS.

The Consultant Physiotherapist maintains a portfolio covering 4 pillars – Quality and Service Improvement; Expert Clinical Practice; Clinical Leadership; and Training & Education. In addition, they play a pivotal role in the integration of research evidence into practice which is delivered by enhancing quality in the areas of assessment, diagnosis, management and evaluation of MSK physiotherapy to improve outcomes for patients.

The investment in clinicians support the production of evidence that demonstrates the value of MSK services to patients, tax payers and commissioners and that in turn, helps to support the sustainability of such services.

Connect is continuing its strategic investment into infrastructure, resources and processes and by investing in the platform, intend to deliver even better evidence-based services which will influence the sustainability of the system and the profession.

Matthew Wyatt is based in London and brings 10+ years of NHS London Teaching Hospital clinical and leadership expertise. Matthew has a special interest in exercise prescription and patient empowerment via education. He has active roles within The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) as London Representative on Council, Chair of the Practice and Development Committee, Chair of the Research and Development Committee and Vice-Chair of the English Regional Networks Forum.

Mr Wyatt said:

“I am loving working at Connect. Having seen the impact of NHS budget cuts on quality, it is refreshing to work for a company that shares my own values and is investing in clinical and support systems with the aspiration to be the best in MSK care. Even in today’s economically challenged climate, we believe it is possible to deliver outstanding outcomes which will influence national practice across all sectors of the profession.”

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