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Connect Health is working with top work Charity Founders4Schools to help improve youth employability

28 June 2018

Connect Health are supporting Founders4Schools, volunteering an hour to schools and accepting work experience placements to empower local talent.

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Founders4Schools mission is to inspire students and prepare them for the rapidly changing world of work. That’s why we got involved.


Andrew Walton, Founder Connect Health explains

“I was approached 3 years ago by Founders4Schools to visit local schools to inspire and educate young people about business and entrepreneurship. I’ve done a few visits, including Long Benton and Studio West High Schools and it was great to have the opportunity to share with them the Connect Health story. My focus was on character confidence rather than academia. I talked about having a good idea, getting it started, being persistent, coping with failure and having constant resistance to find ways around problems. It would be great to think I have inspired someone’s career aspirations in some small way.”

The charity has now reached over 370,000 Student-Employer encounters directly impacting the lives of over 132,000 students up and down the country. Business leaders like us, have offered to volunteer an hour in schools or accept work experience placements, helping the community, and empowering us to grow local talent to turbo boost our business.

Sherry Coutu CBE, Chairman of Founders4Schools and the Scaleup Institute says

“We have been getting wonderful feedback from companies and young people. In the next decade over 1bn young people globally will start work, and only 40% will be in jobs that now exist. We aim to close the gap by offering a simple tool to teachers whereby they can search for and feature business leaders in their classroom.”

To find out more about the charity, click here.

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