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NHS Occupational Health Stories

Connect is challenging but very rewarding. The flexibility of working around family life has been a huge benefit for me.

19 January 2020

Deb Barrett, Community Services and Occupational Health Physiotherapy Team Leader, talks about how Connect has supported the development of her career to date, but also provided great flexibility and work-life balance.

Clinical NHS

I felt shackled in the NHS and really wanted to work somewhere with less red tape

16 January 2020

Philip Barber, Clinical Lead for South West Essex (SWEX) and Developing Consultant Physiotherapist (DCP), talks about his career to date and how the DCP programme is bringing opportunities and career choices to the participants.

Connect news

Ward Hadaway Sponsor Bee-Celebrated Awards 2019

5 December 2019

Each year Connect Health organises a ‘Bee-Celebrated’ recognition event to say thank you to all colleagues for their contributions over the last 12 months. We are delighted that this year law firm Ward Hadaway is supporting this important milestone. 

Connect news

Performance Healthcare and Connect Health working together

3 December 2019

Each year Connect Health organises a ‘Bee-Celebrated’ recognition event to say thank you to all colleagues for their contributions over the last 12 months. We are delighted that this year Performance Healthcare is supporting this important milestone.

NHS Patient Outcomes

Think Self Care for Life, Not Just for Christmas*

22 November 2019

Mini Mangat, Head of Patient Engagement, Connect Health reflects on the importance of self care week and how it affects her patient engagement role.

Connect news

Connect Health gives you the chance to learn and develop both personally and professionally – Deputy Head of Physiotherapy

4 September 2019

Andy Reilly, Deputy Head of Physiotherapy, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust tells us how his years at Connect Health helped him to become a clinical leader

Connect news

We get ongoing training, and the support to make decisions to actively improve physiotherapy practices.

14 August 2019

Andrew Burns describes his fast-tracked journey from student, new graduate, ADP and now Senior Physiotherapist with Connect, and why he loves the variety

Connect news Occupational Health Stories

I chose to work at Connect as I felt I could progress quicker despite taking a backward step in responsibilities initially

30 July 2019

Paul Shawcross, Developing Consultant Physiotherapist, has a clinical interest in the management of musculoskeletal health in the workplace.

Connect news

How support from Connect is allowing me to develop my role and further my career in Women’s Health

5 July 2019

Kavita Chokshi, Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Brent Physiotherapy Service shares her experience of joining Connect from TUPE NHS.

Connect news

Research, more research, and real life?

25 June 2019

Graeme Wilkes, Medical Director of Connect Health, discusses the clinical outcomes data accumulated by Connect Health with the aim of improving the services for the people with the problems.

Connect news

How big conferences can change to make sure our future leaders aren’t excluded

23 May 2019

Andrew Walton, Executive Chair Connect Health, reflects on the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress held 10-13 May 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland

Connect news Occupational Health Stories

The Life of an Occupational Health Physiotherapy Team Lead

16 May 2019

Pauline Austin, Advanced Practice Physiotherapist and Team Lead writes about her experiences in Occupational Health Physiotherapy after working in the NHS for 13 years. In 2016, Pauline had the opportunity within Connect Health to take up the post of team lead for Occupational Health Physiotherapy (North).

Connect news

The 30-year itch – The evolving story of Connect Health and how my approach to MSK health has changed

20 April 2019

Two-part blog by Prof Andrew Walton, Executive Chair, Connect Health, reflecting on challenges and achievements over the last 30 years, in celebration of the organisation’s 30th anniversary year.

Connect news

Connect kickstarted my clinical career that had felt stifled for some time

15 April 2019

Neil Swift, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner and Lower Limb Subject Matter Expert discusses his career progression at Connect and his upcoming educational event.

MSK: A new approach

2 April 2019

New National Guidance for Musculoskeletal Health.

Connect news

If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

28 March 2019

Martin Ongwen, Orthopaedic Manual Therapist and Movement Dysfunction Specialist, from Kenya, reflects on his impact at the #TheBigRs conference last year, the trip that followed and his latest thoughts

Clinical NHS

Cauda equina syndrome CES White Paper (February 2019)

22 February 2019

Connect Health’s Medical Director, Dr Graeme Wilkes explores current pathways in place relating to Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) and looks to develop a debate around clinical variation and the provision of MRI scans for potential CES patients. 

Connect news

The Connect Health story – company overview

7 February 2019

See our new company overview which aims to bring Connect Health to life in one brochure, in terms of the services we provide, the patients we support, the people that work here and the importance of what we do.

Patient Outcomes

After suffering with leg pain for years, a referral to the gym transformed Peter’s life

7 February 2019

Peter Mellor, from North Kirklees, tells his story and his life-changing experience with Connect.


How Connect Health empowered me with the confidence and opportunities to grow

9 January 2019

The opportunities available allowed Kayleigh Bramley to develop and grow so that each day brings something new so that she “never gets the Sunday blues” I joined Connect in October 2012 as a Patient Care Advisor, progressing to a Team


CAUSE of the CAUSE – Dr Graeme Wilkes

16 November 2018

Dr Graeme Wilkes shares his view on current healthcare provision and poses the question around current Biopsychosocial courses and practice in Physiotherapy / MSK practice – just a tick box exercise?


Filling the gap – A graduate development programme in the primary care MSK setting

18 October 2018

Ahead of this weekend’s CSP Physio UK Conference in Birmingham, Tammy Baird, Learning and Development Business Partner, looks forward to spreading the word about the implementation of Connect’s innovative Graduate Development Programme (GDP).

Careers Connect news

Adding direction and opportunity to physiotherapy career pathways at Connect Health

2 October 2018

Steve Nawoor, Consultant Physiotherapist at Connect Health discusses the detailed work undertaken to enhance career structures and develop the profession Since joining Connect Health in January 2018, one of the key projects to undertake and implement has been the introduction

Unlocking the productivity door – is increased funding the only solution?

6 August 2018

Following the recent report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies and The Health Foundation, Andrew Walton discusses how to tackle the NHS productivity challenge.

NHS Occupational Health Stories

Stop! Traffic Lights signal the best clinical outcomes at Connect

20 April 2018

Graeme Wilkes, Medical Director and Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine (SEM) talks about how Connect Health is closing the gap on clinical outcomes and evidence-based treatment.

NHS Patient Outcomes

Daniel’s Story

19 April 2018

I’m back on my feet after suffering knee pain, thanks to Connect “Kay and the company she works for are 100% professional. I can’t tell you how brilliant she was. I’d give her 10 out of 10 for everything.” I

Connect news

Bee-inspired leadership conference on international day of happiness

29 March 2018

Andrew Walton, Executive Chair, reflects on our leadership conference held on 20 March.

Occupational Health Stories

Pearson Engineering improve office wellbeing with Connect

5 March 2018

Pearson Engineering, specialists in defense and security engineering, enlisted Connect Health to assist in improving workplace ergonomics, increase employee knowledge and understanding of musculoskeletal conditions.

Reducing NHS waiting times with PhysioLine

6 February 2018

Rapid access to physiotherapy by telephone leads to early assessment and self-management and, when appropriate, treatment and begins a shift to greater empowerment.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner

31 May 2017

Although it is intangible and sometimes difficult to measure and control, developing positive culture is key for organisations.

Next Steps for the Five Year Forward View

10 April 2017

With the Five Year Forward View at it’s halfway point, Andrew looks the ‘Next Steps on the Five Year Forward View’ plan published last month in more detail.

How can we reform health services?

31 May 2016

With funds being cut, how can a company like Connect help transform services to be better value for money, as well as meeting the changing needs of the population?