Physiotherapy intervention saves Asda sites over £97,473 collectively

For over 12 years Connect have been providing physiotherapy services to Asda, offering early access to physiotherapy to reduce sickness absence.

Asda case study

For over 12 years Connect have been providing physiotherapy services to Asda, offering early access to physiotherapy to reduce sickness absence.


To help all sites to prevent musculoskeletal injury, reduce absence and ensure early management of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), we provide colleagues with a full scope of our Occupational Health Physiotherapy services, from prevention, right through to rehabilitation.

Our prevention services include training for managers and colleagues to educate on injury prevention, early referral to physiotherapy and manual handling. Participation in onsite wellbeing initiatives also helps to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle and behaviour to prevent and reduce injuries.

The Occupational Health Physiotherapist onsite at Asda has a regular presence in the workplace, ensuring a full and accurate understanding of the environment and potential risks that could cause or further aggravate any MSDs. This enables the onsite physiotherapist to carry out correct and accurate workplace assessments to all Asda colleagues, which has helped to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and promoted self-management.

For colleagues who were, or currently are, suffering from a musculoskeletal injury, a clinical assessment and treatment plan is provided. This plan focuses on both the injury and all surrounding factors and aims to help employees return to work efficiently

To ensure Asda is provided with full visibility of the service and its effectiveness, Connect provides 6 monthly data on service usage and cost savings to all of Asda management across all four sites. We also hold regular feedback sessions with managers to pre-empt any absences that could occur.


12 – years we have been providing physiotherapy services to Asda

£13K – saved by Asda Washington, equating to £15 saved for every £1 spent for a sample group

£27K – saved by occupational service provision for Asda Bedford

£34K – saved by Asda George Brackmills on reduced absence and absence prevention

£21K – saved by Asda ADC Washington, equating to £21

“ Suffered from problems for many years and I have finally got some answers and quality treatment”
Asda employee



Asda CDC

During a 6-month period, Connect’s onsite physio intervention saved Asda CDC Washington £13,832 on reduced absence and absence prevention. This equates to £15 saved for every £1 spent for a sample group (17% new employees seen). With improvements, total savings of over £29,792 per annum on reduced MSD absence
are possible.

“I have been People Manager at CDC for approx. 20 months and Connect have been our onsite physio within this time. Over this 20 months as a site we have built a great relationship with Connect. We have regular reviews face to face and catch up on email and telephone when necessary, which I find a great benefit to the site and moving the site and relationship forward.
Both the colleagues & GMB reps on site have commented and complimented the service which the physio provides and we are currently about to trial an increase in clinic hours to further help support our absence and restrictions on site. Thank you for all your help and support, and look forward to working with you in the future.”
Jill Pattison, People Manager, Asda CDC Washington


Asda Bedford

To monitor the cost benefit and effectiveness of the service, we sampled a group of Asda Bedford employees and calculated the savings made over a 6-month period. Total savings made by on-site occupational service provision totalled £27,716, representing an average of £16 saved for every £1 invested.

In addition to these potential savings, the number of colleagues on restricted duty has fallen by 73% and absence has dropped from 8% to 3.6%. The service is now primarily a preventative one, with early referrals of colleagues and a far more active service.

“I have recently been conducting listening groups with colleagues and managers on both the Bedford and Brackmill sites regarding compliance and team support. One topic which was discussed was how the current physiotherapist is having a positive impact on both sites with the work he is doing. He has taken time to understand the different roles on both sites in detail and in turn has been able to provide the most effective support to the colleagues, whilst listening to the business needs.

Though the feedback is not surprising, it is unexpected in a safety group, which is why I wanted to express my thanks. He engages with the support team, managers and colleagues, and has been a big help in supporting colleagues back to full time work.”
Sarah Suess, Area Compliance Manager Midlands


Asda Brackmills

In a 6-month test period, Connect’s onsite physio intervention saved Asda George Brackmills £34,645 on reduced absence and absence prevention. This equates to £4 saved for every £1 spent for the entire service and £22 saved for every £1 spent for a sample group (34% new employees seen).

“I am pleased to write a testimonial on behalf of the physio. I have found his experience an asset. The fact that he came into the warehouse to understand all the duties and roles that we have to offer clearly shows his determination to provide the utmost service to ourselves.

He has encouraged the management to have a close and honest relationship with him and I find his attitude refreshing and positive. His influence on this site I can only commend and look forward to us working in partnership in the future. He has definitely made giant strides when it comes to return to works and we now have colleagues’ understanding that you now need to validate your bad back. I cannot speak highly enough of the physio’s influence in this depot.”
Roger Wright, Shift Manager, Asda George Brackmills


Asda ADC

Between a 6-month period, Connect’s onsite physio intervention has saved Asda ADC Washington £21,280 on reduced absence and absence prevention. This equates to £21 saved for every £1 spent for a sample group (24% new employees seen).

With improvements to the referral process, a further £3,192 could be saved, and we are currently working with Asda ADC to ensure to ensure these improvements are made.

“We have a strong relationship with Connect who provide an excellent service for us, balancing the welfare of the colleague with the need to reduce sickness absence and subsequently cost to the business. Connect are extremely flexible and adapt to our ever changing needs as a business providing increased clinics and even telephone consultations at short notice. I have even known the physio’s to contact colleagues post appointment to follow up on their progress, particularly if they have advised that they return to their GP for example, which has been commented on positively by colleagues.”
Louise Reardon, People Manager, Asda ADC Washington

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