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Life as a Senior Physiotherapist

We provide a number of opportunities for our clinicians, including work in NHS and Occupational Health contracts and offer
a range of training programmes to suit you. But don’t just take our word for it – the case study below was written by
one of our Senior Physiotherapists, and details her background, role and experiences at Connect so far.


I qualified from University in 2006 and began my first job as a Band 5 Rotational Physiotherapist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead. I worked here for 5 years before deciding to move to Connect to develop my skills in musculoskeletal outpatients.

I know that Connect are renowned for their training programmes and for their interest and encouragement in continuous professional development. This was a huge influence on my move to Connect, as in my previous role training was often not available due to the lack of time and resources.

Role and Responsibilities

In my current role I work across different sites in the North East as well as working other areas in the UK, helping with implementation and training of new contracts. I work alongside a range of junior and senior members of the physiotherapy team including GPs with special interests, ESP clinicians and podiatrists. In addition to this I take an active role in our regular in service training sessions and I also mentor junior members of staff.

Connect 04 189 final

"Connect are renowned for their training programmes and for their interest and encouragement in continuous professional development"

Opportunities at Connect

When I started at Connect I completed a 9 month Advanced Development Programme and have continued to progress to my current role as Senior Physiotherapist. In this time I have had the opportunity to work in different GP practices, occupational health contracts across the North East and I have attended numerous external courses that have been funded by Connect. For the past six months, I have also been given the opportunity to work in one of our NHS contracts in Essex to help with the implementation of a new contract and develop my skills towards a team lead role.

Thoughts on the future

This year I hope to become a team leader within Connect and continue my professional development through the regular in house training sessions and the external courses that are available. I hope to continue helping towards the growth and development of physiotherapy within the North East and to continue to provide easy access to effective physiotherapy care in the community.

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