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World Physical Therapy Day and The Big Physio Survey

08 September 2015

Today is World Physical Therapy Day; a day aimed at highlighting the contribution Physical Therapists make in keeping people well, mobile and independent.

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Founded by the World Confederation for Physical Therapists (WCPT), this year’s theme is all about ‘Fulfilling potential’ and emphasises the important part that physical therapists play in helping people to achieve their goals. As illustrated by the WCPT, physical therapists and physiotherapists help to:

  • Support people with long term illness and physical limitations to participate fully in society
  • Help people fulfil their potential by maximising movement and functional ability
  • Provide rehabilitation services so that people can be as independent as possible.

To support World Physical Therapy Day and this year’s theme of ‘Fulfilling potential’, Connect are proud sponsors of the Big Physio Survey; a project all about raising awareness of physiotherapists and providing a rich picture of the ‘everyday work’ they do. Sometimes there can be confusion about the profession, however the BPS aims to eliminate this obscurity and provide a clear and complete depiction of the work physios do.  And we’re asking you to take part! If you’re a physiotherapist or physical therapist (qualified or studying), we’d like you to write a brief case study of one physiotherapist related activity you have taken part in. This can be clinical care, education, management or any other physiotherapy related activity that you participate in during your working day. We’re not looking for perfection or an academic piece of work, just a 10 minute reflection on a physiotherapy event. By taking part you’ll not only be raising awareness of physiotherapy, but also be contributing to the future of the profession.

All submitted case studies will be published openly on Physiopedia and provide a categorised bank of case reports for people to refer to. We’ll also send you a CPD certificate to thank you for your contribution and update you on the outcomes of the survey. If you’d like to take part click here to register your interest. Official launch date for the submission of case studies will be in line with this year’s Physiotherapy UK on 16th October, and can be submitted until 5th November.

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