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CSP Council 2015 – Why I Want to be Elected

18 May 2015

Our Executive Chair, Andrew Walton, is standing for election to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Council this year.
Below, he's taken some time to outline why he's standing for council, and what he would hope to achieve if elected.

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This year I am putting myself forward for election to the CSP Council, the society’s elected body, which identifies and agrees CSP policy and strategy.AW

Here’s why I would would like to serve on council;

Key issues facing the profession

Having worked within physiotherapy for over 25 years, as practitioner and business owner, I believe that we have reached a critical time regarding the future direction and success of our profession. Physiotherapists will be aware of the significant impact a changing demographic is having on the healthcare system in this country. The impact of this will bring both great opportunities and considerable threats, how we respond as a collective will be crucial.

In the face of these challenges, I am passionate about moving our profession forwards to respond to decreasing budgets and the pressure this applies to levels of quality whilst demonstrating positive outcomes. Against this backdrop it is imperative that we invest in the next generation of physiotherapists moving up the ranks.

My vision, aims and objectives

Over the years I have focused on innovating and bringing positive change to help our profession adapt to an ever changing market place. A first example of this was during the 1990’s I initiated an early pilot in self-referral to physiotherapy. To this day I am extremely passionate about helping to future-proof our profession and believe a place in the CSP Council, is where I would be best placed to support change.

I believe in empowering the next generation of aspiring leaders, in creating an environment which will nurture students’ development and find investment necessary to support their talent and growth.  I will do this by working with researchers and lecturers to influence the curriculum and best prepare the next generation.

Another key aim of mine is finding ways to showcase examples of best practice in embracing and enhancing the use of digital technologies to improve visibility of performance and deliver cost effective, evidence based practice to commissioners.

With increasing budgetary pressures, the gap between requirements of commissioners and consumers seems to be widening and there is a natural tension in finding the appropriate balance of cost and quality.

Please vote for me!

I am founder and chair of Connect; we employ over 250 people (over 180 physiotherapists and associates) and help over 150,000 patients to manage their MSK conditions each year. Over the past 25 years I have practiced clinically in three very different settings; NHS, Occupational Health and private practice. With this background I have developed a broad understanding of the many issues facing practitioners which I can draw upon to inform a balanced strategic approach.

I believe CSP Council should lead and drive the profession forwards, moving it in the right direction for individual practitioners to overcome hurdles and take advantage of the many opportunities that will present themselves in the coming years.

Being a CSP council member would give me more authority to promote physiotherapy and influence external factors to assist us to achieve our goals, and I would be honoured to be elected.

Andrew Walton

Executive Chair, Connect

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