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The penny is dropping

16 August 2017

Just as thoughts turn to settling down for a summer break (get all those loose ends tied up, pack the bags, check in online, load the car etc.), Policy makers and Commissioners seemed to have woken up to the benefits, to patients and taxpayers, of refreshing their community MSK services.

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There are more MSK services currently being redesigned and re-procured by CCGs than we have seen before; plus new guidance on MSK Triage by NHS England.

What is driving it? I’m not sure it’s anything new but perhaps better understanding that both primary and secondary care pressures (GP capacity and inappropriate referrals to diagnostics and orthopaedic and rheumatology/pain specialists) are significantly relieved by some relatively small changes in community MSK services.

It’s a pleasure and a privilege to work with the team on these opportunities, to have the chance to design solutions to real problems in a clinical area where we have experience and confidence.

And even better than being on holiday when we are successful, working with the local team (the Connect service transition team, Commissioners, local, transferring staff, patients, GPs etc.) to deliver meaningful change.

As an illustration of that I’ve just received a copy of a regional NHS report for comparing the outcomes of different MSK services. Featured in that report is a service which Connect took on, which has moved to the top of the performance ratings in its first year. Congratulations to all of my colleagues involved in that success.

I can’t take the credit but will take some of the pleasure! Happy holidays.

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