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Surgical conversion rates from referrals

24 November 2017

On the final day of Clinical Audit Awareness Week we hear from two of our clinicians about their audit - surgical conversion rates from referrals in the CATS team to orthopaedics

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To end our Clinical Audit Awareness Week, Philip Barber, Clinical Lead for Essex and Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner, and Linda Turner, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner, tell us about their audit on Surgical conversion rates from referrals in the Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (CATS) team to orthopaedics (CATS team in South West Essex).

What was the audit?

To see if we are appropriately referring patients to the orthopaedic team and whether the patients we send result in having surgery.


What was most valuable to you that you found?

We found that 70.9% of our referrals to orthopaedics resulted in the patient having surgery. This means that we are not unnecessarily referring patients to orthopaedics and taking up their clinical time with patients that could be managed in physiotherapy.


How did this improve care for patients, staff and/or customers?

This highlights that we are appropriately referring patients to orthopaedics, utilising physiotherapy more effectively and managing the patients well within the MSK hub. This will help the NHS financially by ensuring that only appropriate patients are seen in orthopaedic clinics.


What did you learn/enjoy and what were you excited about by being involved in clinical audit?

This was great information to have, so I could let the staff know how well they were doing. This was motivating and rewarding for all. It is also satisfying to know that we are managing the patients well and not delaying their path to recovery by sending them unnecessarily to orthopaedics. It also shows that CATS clinicians possess the skills and knowledge to be able to determine whether surgery is appropriate or not and can be a useful tool to demonstrate to commissioners.


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