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Stress Less month

31 October 2016

On the 1st November, we are launching our Stress Less month as part of our wellbeing campaign at Connect.

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During the month of November we are launching our ‘Stress Less’ month, where we’ll be holding events and promoting activities to help to reduce stress and manage work-life balance.

What’s happening?

To kick things off, we are launching our Employee Assistance Programme on 2nd November as part of Stress Awareness Day. We’ve partnered up with Health Assured to provide all colleagues with complimentary access to new enhanced EAP, available 24 hours a day, to assist with achieving a healthy work-life balance.

We also have the following planned for all of our Head Office staff in Newcastle and are encouraging remote staff to plan their own ‘Stress Less’ campaigns:

  • On 14th November between 11am-1pm we’ll be holding a Pop and Chip party. We will be covering the entire floor with bubble wrap and inviting colleagues to come along and ‘pop’ it whilst enjoying some delicious snacks!
  • This month, Quorum Business Park have introduced an onsite pop-up nail bar with beauty treatments available between 9.30-2.30 every Thursday. For the month of November, colleagues will be granted time out from work to go for a beauty treatment and make the time up.
  • On 28th November The Body Shop will be visiting our Head Office to give free hand massages and selling their products, just in time for Christmas!

Our tips for staying stress free

Balancing everyday life with the requirements of work and home can be difficult. To help with managing this balance and reduce stress, we’ve put together some simple tips to get you started:

  • Take your full lunch break and go for a walk. Quorum Business Park offer a map of all the wildlife walks around the park. Why not look for your own wildlife walks in your area?
  • Be active daily or try some Deskercise at your work station. We have an onsite gym at Quorum and a number of running clubs locally for colleagues to get involved in. Even a small change such as taking the stairs instead of the lift can be highly effective
  • Why not swap your morning coffee for a herbal tea instead? Herbal teas offer some great health benefits
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Unhealthy food can actually aggravate stress so swap that chocolate for fruit
  • Organise your workload – use your calendar to help make your workload managable
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