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Our Pointless Physio

27 February 2015

It's Friday, so time for something a bit more light-hearted!

If you watch the popular BBC1 quiz show Pointless, then you may have caught one of Connect's fantastic Extended Scope Physiotherapists Paul Allan flying the flag for the industry earlier this month, as he appeared on the show on the 4th and 5th of February.

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Paul has also managed to get featured in the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy magazine, Frontline for his efforts!

Paul did very well, eventually only being beaten on a question about celebrities in red suits – despite correctly identifying Penelope Cruz, their competitors spotted the actor Alan Cumming, who was less well known!

As well as giving hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman a bit of a giggle over his ‘extended scope’ job title, he did also manage to give them one coveted pointless answer by naming Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz as a Top 40 act with a compass direction in their title. What an answer!

If you want to catch Paul in action, you’ve only got another 7 days using the BBC iPlayer catch up service here:

So congratulations to him – and although he might not have won, we’re sure it’ll make him feel better to know he’ll always be pointless to us (only joking Paul!).

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