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Our refreshed values

19 October 2017

As part of World Values Day we wanted to share our refreshed values and show how we have been involving colleagues in the process.

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Earlier this year, we launched our refreshed values after it was recognised that our original six values, although not wrong, may not best represent Connect going forward. Using a series of sessions across the organisation, we wanted to test our current values with colleagues to understand if we should make changes.

Testing sessions

It was identified that the company values should encompass the opinions of all members of Connect, and therefore, engaging with all colleagues throughout the process was of great importance. There is a phrase “tell me and I will forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I will understand”.

Face to face values testing sessions with colleagues were held, with the aim of:

  • testing the current values and;
  • understanding if changes should be made

During these sessions, colleagues discussed what Connect meant to them, what words described this and how they wanted the values to be used. We asked colleagues to consider whether we had too few or too many values, what we should do with them and whether they represent where we are now, where we want to be and what we are about. Colleagues also had direct input into what the refreshed values could be, the meaning behind the words and suggestions as to how we could use them.

Our refreshed values

Information from all sessions was collated and shared with the Board who agreed the final refreshed values:

Our refreshed values - pioneering

Pioneering – We are innovative and forward-thinking market leaders, with the courage to be bold.


Our refreshed values - dynamic

Dynamic – We are energetic, flexible and agile, whilst focused on our priorities with a can-do approach.


Our refreshed values - quality

Quality – We provide ongoing excellence and a cost effective, competitive service which offers value for money.


Our refreshed values - people centred

People centred – We listen, care and respect others whilst being open, honest and transparent.


These were then introduced to colleagues through various business update sessions, where 4 interactive exercises were used, involving Lego building and the Disney strategy.

Lynne Coulson (Head of Learning) and organiser of the refreshed values project had this to say,

“I am really pleased with the significant involvement of all colleagues in the successful refreshment of our company values. For me, it was important to provide colleagues with a voice and involving them in change which will ultimately guide our actions as a business, has been very rewarding.”

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